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A great TV weekend is coming up for Boston College hockey fans

Both games available on readily-accessible channels

NCAA Hockey: Frozen Four-Quinnipiac vs Boston College Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the advent of streaming services, there’s more access to more hockey programs than ever before - but it’s still nice when BC hockey makes it on to TV.

This weekend, both BC games at Wisconsin will be on TV, on readily available stations rather than the ones that require a deep dive in to the DirecTV sports- pack:

-NESN recently decided to pick up Friday night’s game at Wisconsin (8 PM ET). The game is being broadcast by Fox Sports West in Wisconsin, and NESN decided to pick up their feed. We’re grateful that NESN made that choice as we’ve frequently been frustrated by how often Hockey East’s TV partner leaves broadcasts on the table even when they’re readily available to be picked up from a different RSN.

-ESPNU is carrying Sunday’s game, which starts at 4 PM Eastern. It’s the first college hockey broadcast of the year on the Mickey Mouse family. Given that fact, and the clash of two big-name programs with numerous NHL draft picks on the roster, expect the full Buccigross-and-Melrose production (for better or for worse!).

There won’t be many chances this season to watch two back-to-back BC hockey games in a single weekend live in HD on TV channels that most people get, so this is pretty great. Let’s hope the Eagles play well and make it a fun weekend.