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GOAL BY GOAL: Boston College Hockey Can't Put Away UConn As Huskies Earn 3-3 Draw

#JY1K hangover, perhaps?

BC Athletics

For the fourth consecutive Saturday in which the Eagles played hockey, nobody came away a winner.

After Friday night's 8-0 dismantling of UMass for Jerry York's 1,000th career win, a letdown game can't have been too surprising. The Eagles had exactly that on Saturday, taking a lead into the third period but ultimately unable to put the Huskies away in a 3-3 tie at Conte Forum.

UConn Goal #1: 7:16 of the 1st period
Jesse Schwartz (Derek Pratt, Jeff Wight)

UConn 1, BC 0

BC came out incredibly flat to start the game. UConn was taking it to BC for a while in the first period and came away with the opening goal.

Demko stops the initial shot through traffic but leaves the worst rebound trickling just out of his reach. The only player nearby is in a blue jersey, and not too many D1 players will miss from there.

Boston College Goal #1: 17:05 of the 1st period
Travis Jeke (Chris Calnan, Chris Brown)

BC 1, UConn 1

BC rolled four lines all weekend, and they scored a goal in each game. Calnan throws the puck on net from down the goal line, and Jeke shows great patience on the rebound getting Tanner Creel to bite leaving him with a lot of net to shoot at.

With Teddy Doherty moving to forward, that's given BC a lot of depth up front. You aren't moving Chris Calnan down to the fourth line without planning on playing that line, and they had a lot of good minutes this weekend.

BC finished the first period much stronger than they started and took the game into the locker room tied at 1.

Boston College Goal #2: 2:30 of the 2nd period
Alex Tuch (Zach Sanford, Josh Couturier)

BC 2, UConn 1

Tuch's resurgence continued this weekend with a goal in each game, and a laser of a wrist shot gave BC the lead early in the 2nd period against UConn.

Nothing fancy here from Tuch on the shot, but there's great chemistry on this play between him and Sanford. Sanford and Tuch curl around together and the pass is almost a no-look. Tuch gets the pass right as the defense keys in on Sanford, and he finishes the play for the goal.

UConn Goal #2: 7:28 of the 2nd period
Patrick Kirtland (Evan Richardson, Joona Kunnas)

BC 2, UConn 2

This is not Demko's brightest moment.

Unless this puck is deflected by Couturier's stick, this puck really shouldn't go in. Kirtland is plenty wide, outside of the faceoff dot when he finally shoots, and BC's defense is covering decently well. But the shot finds and opening, and UConn has it tied back up.

Boston College Goal #3 (EAG): 16:15 of the 2nd period
Colin White (Zach Sanford, Miles Wood)

BC 3, UConn 2

At this point things are looking pretty good. They were coming at the Huskies with their strongest play of the night for several minutes at this point and are on a delayed penalty on top of it all.

The blast from up top from Zanford is well executed as White comes in just at the right moment for the deflection.

He doesn't deflect the puck in, but it disrupts Creel enough to give up the rebound right on the doorstep, and White is there to finish the job to send BC into the locker room ahead.

But BC never could get that goal to finish UConn off, and the Huskies would fight back again.

UConn Goal #3 (PPG): 11:04 of the 3rd period
Max Letunov (Tage Thompson, Shawn Pauly)

BC 3, UConn 3 -- FINAL (OT)

It's UConn's power play that got the job done here, and there wasn't much BC could do about it. Defensively they have things about as much under control as they can while shorthanded, but UConn took advantage of man strength well.

Letunov comes in the back door right as the puck trickles out to him, and BC doesn't have a man to cover him. Nice goal for the talented freshman, and that was that.

The last two ties with BU and PC were very good for the Eagles, but with UConn struggling and the Eagles playing with a lead for much of the game, this one left BC wanting more. It's easy to blame a #JY1K hangover, but the loss of Steve Santini, out for the bulk of the game with an apparent injury, as well as Casey Fitzgerald, who missed both games this weekend with an upper body injury, were likely the bigger culprits.

Next up is Notre Dame, before the Eagles head to the TD Garden next Monday for the Beanpot. Trophy Season is almost upon us!