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GOAL BY GOAL: Boston College Hockey Scores Three Unanswered To Earn 4-4 Tie With Providence

Big Hockey East point for the Eagles heading into BU weekend

Down 4-1 midway through the second period, BC had already burned through all the "house money" they were playing with after Friday's blowout win over the 3rd ranked Friars. The Eagles looked disjointed and were getting completely bossed.

But momentum is a funny thing. An "and-1" penalty and two quick goals put the Eagles right back into the game, and they completed the comeback in the third period to earn a gigantic 4-4 road draw against Providence College on Saturday.

Boston College Goal #1 (PPG): 7:07 of the 1st period
Ian McCoshen (Austin Cangelosi, Casey Fitzgerald)

BC 1, PC 0

Things started out much like they did on Friday with BC playing with a bit of a jump in their step, and they earned an early power play for it. McCoshen gets the puck up top for a blistering one timer that finds its way through a great screen set by an Eagle in front of the net, and BC had the early lead.

Then it got a little crazy. Two straight Providence goals were (correctly) waved off—one for goalie interference, and one for...well, take a look:

The puck went underneath the net as Milosz slightly lifted the post in an effort to seal it off. No one even knew it wasn't a legit goal until the players were already lined up at center ice for the faceoff and a replay was shown.

But it was the start of a bad stretch for BC.

Providence College Goal #1 (PPG): 10:58 of the 1st period
Erik Foley (Tom Parisi, Brian Pinho)

BC 1, PC 1

Third time's the charm for PC. A quick turnaround shot for Foley on the powerplay catches Milosz off guard, but really the shot is perfectly placed over the shoulder of the towering freshman to tie the game.

Providence College Goal #2: 19:29 of the 1st period
Nick Saracino (Brian Pinho, Jake Walman)

PC 2, BC 1

The wheels totally came off at the end of the first period.

There's lots of traffic in front of Milosz and the puck doesn't make its way all the way through. It's somehow gathered in by a Friar next to the net, ends up on the stick of another Friar, and the chip in on the second effort finds its way in.

Providence College Goal #3: 19:46 of the 1st period
John Gilmour (Tom Parisi, Brandon Tanev)

PC 3, BC 1

Two goals in the last 30 seconds of a period is a great way to take yourself out of a game. BC was not ready for this shift, and PC was not content to just coast into the locker room with the lead.

The puck ends up behind the net and Milosz is able to keep track of it, but instead of throwing the puck out front like Milosz is expecting, Gilmour throws the puck off Milosz's back and it bounces in. Woops.

Providence College Goal #4: 6:30 of the 2nd period
Trevor Mingoia (Mark Jankowski)

PC 4, BC 1

It's at this point that BC hits rock bottom. After dropping two late in the first, BC came out in the third with no energy at all and looked almost content to just let 40 minutes of clock run so they could go home.

BC can't clear the puck and the turnover is costly. Jankowski has a lot of time to wait for something to develop, and develop it does. Three Eagles down low leave Mingoia in a prime position to shoot from the hash marks, and the Friars had their biggest lead of the night.

Boston College Goal #2: 11:58 of the 2nd period
Teddy Doherty (Ryan Fitzgerald, Steve Santini)

PC 4, BC 2

But it was the tiniest glimmer of hope that brought BC back to life. A delayed penalty call sent the Eagles buzzing, and a rebound from Nick Ellis ended up in the right spot for Doherty to get the goal.

Suddenly it was just a two goal game, and BC's surging power play had a chance to make it even closer.

Boston College Goal #3 (PPG): 12:58 of the 2nd period
Alex Tuch (Teddy Doherty, Adam Gilmour)

PC 4, BC 3

This looks like so many goals that BC has given up this year. A shot that looks pretty harmless from way out in the corner, but there's traffic and the Eagles are able to get a deflection.

Ellis gets beat, and suddenly BC has a full 27 minutes to go with momentum on their side to get a chance to complete a comeback.

Boston College Goal #4: 3:43 of the 3rd period
Chris Calnan (Austin Cangelosi, Steve Santini)

BC 4, PC 4 -- FINAL (OT)

The Eagles didn't need nearly that much time.

What a fantastic pass from Cangelosi, but what an effort from Calnan to burst through the defense and create a breakaway.

Once through, he wastes no time and just rifles the shot, and Ellis looks like he's caught by surprised by how quickly Calnan gets the shot off.

BC finished strong and had a few chances to pull ahead, but they never could take the win. Combined with the fact that PC had yet another goal waved off very late in regulation (very incorrectly this time), there's no disappointment at all in coming out of a road game against the highest ranked team in the conference with a point courtesy of a 3-goal comeback.

Even though the Eagles actually went 1-1-1 in the season series with the Friars, the loss in Florida doesn't count in the Hockey East standings. As such, the Eagles went 1-0-1 in conference against Providence and hold the all-important tiebreaker.

Next up: Hate week! The only two conference games of the year against Boston University are on tap for this Friday and Saturday with Jerry York sitting at 998 career wins. If there was ever a time to sweep the Terriers, this would be a good time to do it.

BU and BC sit at #9 and #10 respectively in the Pairwise. It seems like it's been a long time since the teams were this closely ranked. Here's to another pair of games that take years off our collective lives.