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BCI CONTEST! When Will Jerry York Get Win #1000?

Jerry York is closing in on another milestone. When will he get there?

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Jerry York, the all-time winningest coach in college hockey history, is closing in on another major milestone in his remarkable career - 1,000 wins. With 984 wins to his name going in to the 2015-2016 season, odds are he'll hit that mark at some point during the season. The question is: when will he hit the milestone?

We're having a BCI contest where you can predict which game you think Jerry York will get win #1000. To help you in your quest, we'll post the full 2015-2016 schedule below, as well as at what point BC hit 16 wins in each of the past several seasons. Good luck! The prize to the winner is TBD. BCI contributors are eligible to compete but not to win the prize.

2014-2015: BC hit win #16 in game #26, on January 30 vs. Providence
2013-2014: BC hit win #16 in game #23, on January 18 vs. Maine
2012-2013: BC hit win #16 in game #25, on February 4 vs. Harvard at the Beanpot
2011-2012: BC hit win #16 in game #27, on January 28 at UNH
2010-2011: BC hit win #16 in game #22, on January 21 at BU
2009-2010: BC hit win #16 in game #26, on February 8 vs. BU at the Beanpot
2008-2009: BC hit win #16 in game #34, on March 7 vs. Northeastern
2007-2008: BC hit win #16 in game #30, on February 16 at UMass-Lowell

The 2015-2016 Schedule


3rd- New Brunswick (exhibition)

9th- at Army

11th- at RPI

16th- Wisconsin

23rd- at Colorado College

24th- at Colorado College

30th- Denver


3rd- UMass

6th- Maine

7th- Maine

13th- Michigan State

21st- at New Hampshire

24th- at UConn

28th- RIT


5th- Northeastern

6th- at Northeastern

10th- Notre Dame

28th- Florida College Hockey Classic (Ohio State)

29th-Florida College Hockey Classic (Cornell/PC)


8th- Providence

9th- at Providence

15th - BU

16th- at BU

22nd- at UMass

23rd- UConn

29th- at Notre Dame


1st- Harvard (Beanpot)

5th- New Hampshire

8th- BU/NU (Beanpot)

12th- at Merrimack

13th- Merrimack

19th- at Vermont

20th- at Vermont

26th- Lowell

27th- at Lowell

When will Jerry hit win #1000? Leave your thoughts below.