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The Eastern Bias Hockey Podcast Returns This Week - Share Your Offseason Thoughts!

After a long hiatus, it's time to ramp up to hockey season

The Heights

College hockey season is a little over a month away, so it's time to dust off the cobwebs and start talking about the offseason that was, and previewing the season that will be. The first Eastern Bias podcast in months will be recorded tonight and released early tomorrow on iTunes, and available on

The Eastern Bias Hockey Podcast talks all things Hockey East. After a first season that chronicled a year in which two conference teams made the national championship game in Boston, Joe Gravellese from BC Interruption and Shep Hayes from BU blog Bloggin' on Babcock are back for another year of hockey talk.

This year's first show will catch up on several months worth of offseason news: defections, decommitments, and other summer drama. They'll talk about UNH coach Dick Umile's contract extension, and UConn picking up former BU commit Maxim Letunov in a major coup just months before the season started. There will also probably be some nonsense discussed, and some making fun of UMass. Oh, and laughing at North Dakota fans. Because that's always in season.

The Eastern Bias Podcast wants to hear from you with your questions and comments on all things Hockey East. You can contribute to the show by:

-Calling the all new Hot Take Hotline: (617) 807-0274 - call that number and leave a message, and we'll play it on the show

-Twitter: @easternbias


Feel free to contact the show with your thoughts on all things Hockey East, and be sure to tune in to our all-new episode tomorrow!