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Jeremy Bracco Re-Affirms Commitment To BC

Highly touted freshman has confirmed he's coming to the Heights... but we've heard that before.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Big news in the twitterverse this afternoon.

After weeks of will he/won't he, culminating in some white-hot speculation in the last couple days, it appears that Jeremy Bracco has confirmed his commitment to Boston College.

Now -- the emphatic, no-doubter re-commitment is obviously not bad news. But you'll have to forgive some of us for being a bit cautious in our optimism. We have seen this happen before.

Just last summer, all the way into August, Sonny Milano also re-affirmed his commitment to BC, only leave the Eagles at the altar less than two weeks later after he signed with Columbus and went to the OHL to play with the Plymouth Whalers.

Nonetheless, it is much better than nothing, and truth be told, Bracco's "re-commitment" was much more emphatic than Milano's was this time last year.

UPDATE: The Kid is also reporting that Bracco and his family contacted the coaching staff today to confirm that he will be here in the fall.