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Listen: Eastern Bias Episode 31 - Talking Rule Changes, UMass, and North Dakota

The first off-season show is ready for download

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Eastern Bias Hockey Podcast returns this week with Episode 31, the first show of the 2015 offseason, available now for download on Podbean, iTunes, and other purveys of fine podcasts.

In this week's episode, Joe Gravellese of and Shep Hayes of BU site Bloggin' on Babcock talk a lot about potential rule changes in college hockey. On the heels of last week's D1  hockey coaches convention, Joe and Shep discuss possible changes in officiating, the Pairwise, the wearing of full cages in college hockey, and overtime formats, among other things.

After the rule change discussion, they talk a little bit about UMass - how much UMass pays their coaches, and whether or not UMass-Lowell has an illuminati. (Maybe UMass-Lowell is the illuminati?) To wrap things up, there is a discussion of North Dakota's list of potential new nicknames. It's pretty great.

Listen to the episode on the embedded player below, or click through to the Podbean site to download this or any other episode. You can follow Eastern Bias on Twitter, or like the show on Facebook.