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Eastern Bias Podcast Will Talk Rule Changes. What Rules Would You Like To See Change In College Hockey?

Getting set for the first offsseason podcast

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

After a three-week hiatus to allow Shep to mentally recover from the Frozen Four, the Eastern Bias podcast returns for its first off-season episode, which will be recorded tonight and posted tomorrow morning on the show's website. It will also be available on iTunes and other podcast services.

With the annual college hockey coaches meetings in the rear view mirror, this week's show will focus largely on potential rule changes in college hockey. The coaches discussed possible officiating changes, including the potential of creating a national officiating pool rather than having each conference with its own refs; changing the interpretation of goaltender interference to potentially allow more goals; and and the potential for expanded use of replay to review incidents that could result in a player's ejection.

Beyond officiating changes, there are other discussions in the works, including potential tweaks to the PairWise formula. There's also the ever-present question about what to do with the NCAA regionals; the current format and sites are locked in through next year, but next summer a decision will need to be made on what to do next.

While this is an off year for official rule changes (as opposed to tweaking "interpretations" of the rules, which can be done at any time), there won't be changes to the overtime format or to things like allowing icing on the penalty kill, but we'll be sure to discuss some of those topics as well, as they are sure to come up again next summer.

Leave your questions or thoughts on potential rule changes in college hockey here, or shoot us a tweet at @easternbias - or email Thanks for listening!