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GOAL BY GOAL: Boston College Hockey Blows Another Third Period Lead In 2-1 Loss To Providence

Yet another blown third period lead

Three straight games with a third period lead, and three straight losses for BC.

After skating to a 0-0 deadlock with Providence College through two periods, it looked like the Eagles might be setting themselves up for a surprising win or tie with the #1 ranked Friars with two of their best skaters missing from the lineup. But after scoring the first goal of the game, BC promptly gave up two to PC to fall 2-1 and left Estero winless in the Florida College Classic.

Boston College Goal #1: 6:56 of the 3rd period
Teddy Doherty (Chris Calnan)

BC 1, PC 0

Neither team could get much of anything going all day, so it was apt that a turnover was what finally broke the ice. Chris Calnan forces the turnover at the blue line and wins the race back to the puck.

He's got help on the way , and rather than forcing something at the net without much leverage, he drops the puck back to Teddy Doherty who snipes a rocket off the back bar.

Excitement! Woo!

Providence College Goal #1 (PPG): 9:07 of the 3rd period
Nick Saracino (John Gilmour, Trevor Mingoia)

BC 1, PC 0

What is it with BC giving up goals from the blue line? It feels like 3 out of every 4 goals they have given up this year has come from distance.

This goal was set up by a BC penalty, and despite BC's PK looking pretty good in this game, one was all it took to make them fall off the wagon. The blast goes straight through Demko and he can't make the stop.

That fun was so short lived.

Providence College Goal #2: 9:51 of the 3rd period
Brandon Tanev (Josh Monk)

PC 2, BC 1 -- FINAL (eventually)

Look at this, another goal from the blue line.

What is going on? This play should be completely harmless. Providence came in on something of an odd man rush before the GIF starts and they end up sending the puck into the corner. BC tries to clear it, but PC keeps it in. Okay, fine.

But the Friars send the puck in on Demko, someone appears to get a tip on the puck, and it goes through.

With 8 seconds left in the third period, things got a little crazy.

Providence took a penalty and BC, with the goalie pulled, appeared to score what was by all accounts a good goal with 8 seconds to play, but the referee waved off the goal. With no video replay available (other than the jumbotron, apparently), there was no review and BC was out of luck.

But that wasn't all!

The lights in the rafters literally caught on fire directly above the BC bench.

BC left the bench. The arena cut power to the lights. They decided to bring a crane onto the ice to change the lightbulbs. The two teams went to the locker room. They zambonied the ice.

The teams came back on the ice. BC lost the draw. Game over.

With BC missing both Colin White (World Juniors) and Miles Wood (1 game suspension) for the game, it would have been a tall order to beat the Friars. But BC was in position to take the win and blew it.

I'm not sure if it's encouraging or not. But BC is on a three game losing streak with a stretch of really tough games ahead, starting with a home and home against these same Friars in two weekends.