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GOAL BY GOAL: Boston College Hockey Falls Apart Again In 3-2 Loss To Ohio State

Not the effort you want to see coming out of the break.

Coming out of the break, BC hockey was 8th in the Pairwise despite stumbling to the end of the half with a tie to Northeastern and a loss to Notre Dame.

But waiting for the Eagles down in Florida was a juicy matchup: Ohio State came into the break 54th out of 60 teams in the Pairwise, on a 4 game losing streak, and with its only three victories on the season coming against Mercyhurst and Canisius.

But instead of a nice shake-off-the-rust waltz into the second half, it was instead another troubling collapse for BC, as the Eagles blew a 2-0 first period lead to fall 3-2 to the Buckeyes.

Boston College Goal #1: 1:22 of the 1st period
Adam Gilmour (Alex Tuch, Zach Sanford)

BC 1, OSU 0

It started out as fun and games for BC. Just a minute into the game, a goofy turn of events saw an Ohio State defenseman plow his goaltender into the net as the puck went into the corner. Gilmour threw the puck across the end line for the hell of it as OSU goaltender Christian Frey put himself back together.

Before anyone really knew what had happened, the puck ricocheted off Frey and into the net for the 1-0 BC lead.

Boston College Goal #2 (SHG): 2:29 of the 1st period
Zach Sanford (Austin Cangelosi, Ian McCoshen)

BC 2, OSU 0

BC kept up the fun despite going on an early penalty kill. This goal was so nice that it hurts to look back on it to think of what could have been in this game. This is slick, quick passing from Sanford and Cangelosi, so much so that you almost can't even see the last pass for Sanford to send the puck in.

At this point BC fans are expecting a total laugher. The players may have been too, which would explain how the Eagles let yet another game slip away.

Ohio State Goal #1: 3:10 of the 2nd period
Anthony Greco (Matthew Weis)

BC 2, OSU 1

Ohio State had nothing going in this game until this goal. Greco, from almost the exact same spot as Gilmour on BC's first goal, throws the puck down the end line toward the net. Unfortunately for BC, Casey Fitzgerald deflects the puck right into his own net, and the comeback is on.

Ohio State Goal #2: 17:21 of the 2nd period
Tyler Lundey (David Gust)

BC 2, OSU 2

One of the concerning things in these comebacks against BC has been the number of turnovers. This is just a BC defender getting outworked for a puck behind the net, and that's all it takes.

An Ohio State player is in the right place at the right time as the puck comes out of the scrum, and Lundey comes flying around from behind the net to put in the rebound.

BC has shown some intestinal fortitude after giving up a couple of these comebacks, but it wasn't to be in this game.

Ohio State Goal #3 (PPG, GWG): 7:31 of the 3rd period
John Wiitala (Dakota Joshua, Josh Healey)

OSU 3, BC 2 -- FINAL

Another turnover, this one even worse than the last. The GIF starts at the tail end of it, but BC has such a terrible breakout attempt on this goal that you could see the goal coming immediately after they screwed it up.

With BC starting the rush out of their end, there aren't enough white shirts to defend Cornell's charging rush at Demko, and even though no one does get a clean shot on the puck, Ohio State wins the numbers game and gets to the puck trickling out front first to put the puck in and take the win.

There's no positive spin about this loss; this is up there on the list of worst BC losses of the last several years. Ohio State might be a big name, but they are the lowest ranked team in the Pairwise of one of the worst conferences in college hockey.

Providence's perfect season came to an end in the opening game of the tournament, so while the Eagles had the surprise loss, everyone will still get the BC/PC game they hoped for. Unfortunately, it'll be the early game before Ohio State and Cornell's matchup to determine the tournament winner.

It's the start of a tough stretch for BC. They'll face Providence for three straight games before the home and home with BU. They'll need to find their groove to take a few of these games and stabilize their position in the Pairwise.