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Fitzgerald Suspended for Friday Night's Game

Assessed One Game Ban For Disqualification Tuesday Night

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

When Ryan Fitzgerald got into a fight Tuesday night against UMass Amherst, the 2,873 in attendance roared their approval. Yet the fight will prove costly for the Eagles. Due to Fitzgerald's game misconduct, the junior has been assessed a one game ban automatically imposed under NCAA rules.

Ben Gallacher also received a one game ban for his game misconduct stemming from a spearing penalty. Both suspensions won't be announced by Hockey East because the bans are required by the NCAA, and the NCAA does not require conferences to announce mandatory suspensions.

Gallacher and Fitzgerald are not the only ones to receive suspensions. Steven Iacobellis was also suspended one game via the conference's supplemental discipline process. Iacobellis did not receive an automatic suspension, but the league tacked on the extra ban following the game.

Iacobellis' game misconduct marked the second year in a row that UMass' captain was ejected at the BC home game of the BC vs. UMass season series. Last year then team captain Troy Power was ejected for elbowing Matthew Gaudreau.