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BC Hockey Recruiting: Tanner MacMaster Decommits From Boston College

Recruit flips commitment to Quinnipiac

Justin K. Aller

There was BC hockey recruiting news on the Twitterverse this morning with news that 1996 birth year Tanner MacMaster had decommited from Boston College to take his talents to Hamden.

Chris Heisenberg is the guy who runs the ludicrously in-depth college hockey recruiting site.

This is interesting for a few reasons. MacMaster had signed an LOI with BC, so Jerry York and company would have had a reason to release him from that commitment. With news of Brown losing a major commitment from forward Miles Wood, it's possible that the two developments are not entirely coincidental. BC is expected to be in the running to land Wood, and there may now be space and scholarship money available for him.

According to The Kid, MacMaster was not expected to be one of the top recruits of the incoming class -- but that's more to do with the fact that BC has (another) freakishly stacked recruiting class coming in with Sanford, Tuch, Milano, and possibly Hanifin and less to do with MacMaster's personal talents.

Nice work by Quinnipiac though on getting a guy formerly commitment to play hockey for Jerry York. They can get all the talent they want as long as they are keeping people from going to UConn. Not that UConn and Quinnipiac are in the same stratosphere in the college hockey world. #trollsohard

Best of luck to Tanner MacMaster at the Q -- he couldn't have picked a much nicer place to land.