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Eastern Bias Podcast, Episode 63: Wrapping Up The Season

So much sadness. So much Coldplay.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This week, Joe, Shep and CHN's Chris Boulay wrap up the college hockey season with a very sad, soulful episode of the Eastern Bias hockey podcast.

Everything is bad:

  • The season is over.
  • North Dakota won the national championship.
  • Quinnipiac fans are annoying.
  • BC doesn't have any players left.
  • Joe's microphone didn't work for the first half of the show.
The hosts work their way through the melancholy with some heavy dosage of Coldplay and U2, and talk their way through the developments of Frozen Four weekend. There's also a lot of talk about Ian Darke. And a 40-minute-long refusal to actually let the show end.

Listen to this week's episode below, or you can subscribe on iTunes or Podbean, though maybe not now since we probably won't be making many new episodes in the next few months. Thanks, as always, for listening. We'll see you during the offseason and we'll be back to weekly in the fall.