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Boston College Hockey Year in Review Roundtable Part II

Finishing our look back at this past season.

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Here's part 1, in case you missed it.


4. What were the biggest negatives from the season?

Joe Gravellese: It seems like the defense went backwards toward the end of the year with regard to making unforced mistakes and turnovers. Though I guess part of that can be attributed to just playing really good teams like post-Beanpot NU and QU, as opposed to some of the dreck of HEA that BC was routinely blanking. Also, health: there was a real issue with this team and staying healthy. It can probably be chalked up more to bad luck than anything but it was concerning that they could never really get a consistent lineup on the ice - something that showed right up to the last game when BC even changed the lines up in the middle of a Frozen Four game. There was no chance to develop the right chemistry.

Laura Berestecki: The biggest negative was that terrible series with UVM. Also the fact that WE COULDN'T WIN ON SATURDAYS FOR SO LONG.

Arthur Bailin: I'm concerned about players leaving the program, for various reasons. I think the perception of BC's program is starting to become "it's a stepping stone to the NHL" and that's not a way to build a program. I think we're starting to see some negative effects of that.

Grant Salzano: I'd say the biggest negative was the whole Jeremy Bracco situation. As much as we like to sit here and think we didn't need him, he would have probably been a difference maker, particularly with how many injuries we had to deal with all year. With Bracco, I honestly think we win Hockey East and possibly the national championship. Obviously anything can happen in a one-off game, but it would have been a big boost for our depth.

Not only that, but Bracco leaving was quite a prequel to the offseason we've had already with early departures.

5. Share a favorite memory from the season.

Joe Gravellese: The Denver game. That was great - I can't remember being so excited after a regular season game. It was such a good contest and BC showed a lot of heart to pull that one off, especially after the midweek Bracco drama.

Laura Berestecki: My favorite memory was Jerry York's 1000th win because he's the best. Also this year's Beanpot final was amazing.

Arthur Bailin: Favorite memory was Matty Gaudreau scoring late against Denver to exorcise Jeremy Bracco's ghosts haunting Conte.

Grant Salzano: How has only one of you mentioned the Beanpot? That game was incredible, and it brought at least one piece of hardware back to the Heights after a longer hiatus than we'd have liked.

It's disappointing that the Beanpot is all we managed to win this year, but as Jerry likes to say, trophies are hard to win. Anyway, I literally pulled a muscle jumping up when we scored in overtime. Sicknasty.

6. Immediate thoughts on next year?

Joe Gravellese: BC is going to lose some pieces, even if a few more guys go pro, but they probably won't lose any more than anyone else since we only really lost 1-2 seniors that play regularly. They should be pretty good once again, though maybe a step behind this year. But it doesn't matter if they're a single-digit loss team like this past year's - what will matter is if it can all come together for them by the end of the season. They will certainly be good enough to have a shot at that happening.

Laura Berestecki: It's hard to make any predictions for next year before we know for sure who isn't coming back. I'm a little nervous to be honest, but it's in my nature to be optimistic about BC Hockey and Coach York making it work.

Arthur Bailin: If Demko comes back this team could be scary. If not, I think there's still a lot of talent on this team, and there's a lot of talent coming in. But next year might be a rebuilding year.

Grant Salzano: As the others know, I'm incredibly down on next season. We had an opportunity to be a wagon next year, and now it's looking like half the team has decided that developing their talents at BC is not worth their time. Realistically, we're only going to have 1.5 or 2 lines that can reliably score.

We're probably looking at an NCAA tournament bubble season next year. We'll see one of two things: either, (1) White and Tuch come back and is able to carry the team, and we get a season similar to 2014-2015 year where we backed into the NCAA tournament and flamed out early, or (2) they don't come back and we hover at a point just below the bubble where we never really get a chance to hope for that a late season run.