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Eastern Bias Episode 60 Celebrates Notre Dame's Departure And Bows To Our New Northeastern Overlords

Lots of fun was had in the recording of this show.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

This was probably the biggest episode ever of the Eastern Bias podcast. NORTHEASTERN WON A TROPHY! The BC women came just short of a national title. NOTRE DAME IS GONE NOTRE DAME IS GONE NOTRE DAME IS GONE!!! Oh, and the NCAA hockey tournament starts this weekend.

Naturally, the end result was over two hours of college hockey talk, featuring BCI's Joe Gravellese, BU's Shep Hayes, Chris Boulay of College Hockey News, and special Northeastern guests Mike Davis and Sean Hathaway.

What's next for college hockey realignment? Will Quinnipiac be coming to Hockey East? What's next for this world now that Northeastern actually won something?

This week's episode talks about all of this and more, plus debates which Taylor Swift breakup song best describes the Hockey East-Notre Dame relationship.

Listen to this week's episode below. Go to to download all past episodes, or subscribe on iTunes. And follow the show on Twitter @easternbias.