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Hockey East Quarterfinals, BC vs. Vermont: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Playoff hockey hits the Heights

Dustin Satloff for BC Interruption

Well, here we go. Hard as it may be to believe, there are 2, maybe 3 games left at Conte Forum this year. It really flew by. BC is in a strong position to contend for hardware in both the Hockey East and NCAA tournaments, but I think we're all hoping to see a really strong performance against Vermont to reverse any jitters caused by the flat loss to Lowell in the regular season finale.

Let's get to it.

bc logovs.

Best-of-three series

Game 1: Friday, March 11, 7:00 PM, Kelley Rink
Game 2: Saturday, March 12, 7:00 PM, Kelley Rink
Game 3 (if necessary): Sunday, March 13, 4:00 PM, Kelley Rink


bc logo
Record 24-5-5 (15-2-5 HEA) 14-20-3 (6-13-3 HEA)
Pairwise 5th 35th
KRACH 5th 31st
Team Offense #4 (3.94 G/GM) #53 (2.14 G/GM)
Team Defense #4 (1.88 GA/GM) #28 (2.65 GA/GM)
Streak L1 W2


  • Health (again!): Stop me if you've heard this before - BC's last series was impacted by missing key players. Colin White and Chris Calnan both missed the Lowell series with injury, but White is "back to 100%" according to Jerry York. Calnan's status is still up in the air. It would be a huge boon to have Calnan back, whose presence on the fourth line gives BC four units that can all score. But of course the most important thing is that White is ready to go; he may well be the team's MVP.
  • Scoring on Santaguida: UVM goalie Mike Santaguida returned after a long absence due to injury and helped power UVM to a sweep of UConn. Last year BC had no problem scoring on Santaguida in game 1 of the Hockey East quarterfinals, lighting him up in favor of Brody Hoffman, who ended up coming out of nowhere to steal the show and stonewall BC. The Eagles will be looking for similar success againste Santaguida this year. Obviously you always want to score early but that's especially true against a team with limited offensive ability that likes to drop in to a neutral zone trap.
  • Keeping Puskarich off the board: Vermont's offense is incredibly limited beyond what their first line has been able to do - Mario Puskarich, Jarrid Privitera and Brendan Bradley. Their fourth leading scorer among forwards, Brady Shaw, has just 13 points. Based on past precedent I'd suspect we'll see Austin Cangelosi's line up against UVM's top unit; we'll see if they can shut them down.
#CATPREDICTIONS: By the cats of the Gifford Cat Shelter

Charcoal is a friendly guy that loves attention. He's very outgoing - I wasn't planning on having him do predictions this week, but he ran over and got to the treats before the other cat even stood up!

Charcoal thinks the game will go to three - BC has struggled on Saturday nights in 2016 and he's predicting UVM will fight back, only to lose to BC on Sunday.

He predicts a 5-0 BC win on Friday...

A 4-2 UVM win on Saturday...

And a 4-3 BC win on Sunday...

You can visit Charcoal and other adoptable friends at the Gifford Cat Shelter on Undine Road in Brighton, right down the street from BC. Founded in 1884, it's the nation's oldest cageless and no-kill shelter. For more information visit Gifford is the official cat shelter of BC Interruption and Eastern Bias.

Predictions Contest

Play along at home!

Scoring system for the quarterfinals:
Correctly predict who wins the series, in right # of games: 7 points
Correctly predict who wins the series, wrong # of games: 4 points
Correctly predict a series goes 3, but get the team wrong: 1 point
EXTRA bonus point if you get a margin of victory of a game correct
EXTRA bonus point if you get the score of a game exactly right

Name Predictions GPS: Points
Grant Salzano FRI: BC 3-1
SAT: BC 3-0
Grant will actually be at Saturday night's game, believe it or not. 43
Joe Gravellese

FRI: BC 4-1
SAT: BC 3-2

It should be a fun weekend of hockey - hoping for lots of wins 40
Laura Berestecki FRI: BC 3-1
SAT: BC 6-2
Arthur Bailin FRI: BC 3-0
SAT: BC 4-0

AJ Black

FRI: BC 5-1
SAT: BC 3-2

John Fidler

Charcoal/ The Gifford Cats
Meow 27
New "Dan Rubin" Guy

Caleb Childers


Brian Favat

Staff Prediction Summary:

All BC sweeps all around.

Fan Prediction Standings after last week:

JPDot 41 points

princisb 37 points

bostoncollegenyr 36 points

airforce987 35 points

pjpj23 37 points

cam_dezak 34 points

eagles2015 26 points
bcmike22 24 points
95dougie95 15 points

seobe 8 points
mig1168 8 points
bcmurt09 7 points
we are bc 5 points
kreidersjohnson 4 point
b0mberman 4 point
tommykay 4 points
totheheights 2 points
eagleeye9184 3 points
bceagles66 2 points
rmbc81 1 point
spillerhighlife 1 point
bceaglekeepr 1 pint
suckstobu 1 point

Leave your thoughts and predictions on the weekend below!