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Eastern Bias Podcast #57: Previewing the Hockey East Octofinals

It's playoff time!

Elsa/Getty Images

This week on the Eastern Bias Hockey Podcast, Joe and Shep preview the 2016 Hockey East #Octofinals with a ton of guests, continuing a tradition that started last year.

Ross Gienieczko of The UMass Daily Collegian, Adam Darling of WMEB (Maine), Pete Harasyko of The (UConn) Daily Campus, Mathew Galvao of The (Merrimack) Beacon and USCHO, Mike Davis of the (Northeastern) Dog House and Judy Cohen of the (BU) Boston Hockey Blog and The Daily Free Press all spend a few minutes previewing their teams' octofinals matchups. Plus, your hosts were super tired for the intro and closing and said some weird stuff while answering audience questions! And you bet Shep butchered a ton of names and is very sorry for it!

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