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Weather Could Impact The Beanpot Final Again

A storm is moving in to the Boston area. Will the Beanpot be impacted?

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

UPDATE from Arthur Bailin, 10 AM on February 8: GAME ON!!!


In the midst of last year's "Snowpocalypse" in Boston, the Beanpot was twice impacted by weather: the opening round was moved to Tuesday, and the final was pushed back by two full weeks. With snow bearing down on Boston for the second time in four days, this year's Beanpot final could once again be impacted by weather.

According to the most recent forecast, Boston is looking at approximately 10 inches of snow tomorrow, with snow rolling in early in the morning, intensifying later in the morning, and tapering off by mid-afternoon. Several communities have already instituted snow emergencies or called off school. While conditions should be fine by 7:30 PM, with the gates of TD Garden slated to open at 3:30 PM tomorrow in advance of the Consolation Game, they will need to make a call early.

A key factor will be to see if Boston cancels school or not. The optics of allowing a big sporting event to go forward on a day when school is canceled are not great.

That said, given the timing of the storm, it really shouldn't be a problem to get the game in. 10 inches is a significant accumulation but it should be spread out throughout the day.

At the very least, though, be prepared for difficult commuting conditions if you're heading in to Boston for the game.