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Hockey East Suspends Miles Wood For One Game

He will miss tomorrow night's game vs. Merrimack

Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Well, I can't say I saw this one coming. Hockey East has suspended Boston College forward Miles Wood for one game following his hit on BU's Ahti Oksanen in the first period of Monday night's Beanpot final. Wood received a two minute minor on the play, but the powers that be evidently felt it was too much head contact to stand as a two minute minor. Wood will now miss tomorrow night's home game against Merrimack.

You make the call...

I'm obviously biased but I really thought two minutes was the right call in this situation. There was no intent to make head contact here - it was a shoulder to shoulder hit - but in 2016 you're going to the box if the follow through impacts the head at all (which it clearly does on replay). Additionally, though I don't like the fact that "How injured is the player who got hit?"  is a factor in determining how severe a penalty is doled out, it is a factor, and Oksanen was clearly fine to continue on the next shift (as NESN's Andy Brickley points out in the above video).

Seeing this retroactive call makes me even more thankful that we didn't have the usual "Whistle everything" Beanpot crews featuring refs like Benedetto and Hansen who feel like a game needs 15 penalties called. The officials did a good job defusing some tense situations in the game while also letting the game flow and not ruining it with an excessive amount of calls. They were consistent in "letting them play," which was appreciated.

I can't really say I find this decision to suspend Wood for one game to be consistent with what we usually see on a week to week basis.

Wood will return to the lineup Saturday night at Merrimack.