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Eastern Bias Episode 50!: Talking BC-BU And Introducing A Special Event

Talkin' bout the Battle of Comm. Ave on a very special 50th episode

Elsa/Getty Images

This week on Eastern Bias, Joe Gravellese of BC Interruption and Shep Hayes of Bloggin' on Babcock celebrate the 50-episode milestone. Fittingly, it comes on a big week in Hockey East, as they gear up for the Battle of Comm. Ave.

BC Interruption's Laura Berestecki joins the show for the first time to talk about BC's three point weekend against Providence, and to help preview a very special event coming up on Sunday, January 31. Eastern Bias will be hosting its first ever live video show, a Beanpot preview, recorded live on site at the Gifford Cat Shelter. We'll have live #CatPredictions, and more importantly will be pushing our fundraiser for the shelter, in which we'll encourage hockey fans to make donations based on events that happen in the Beanpot (for instance, Joe will be donating $5 for BU goals allowed, $10 for BC wins, and $19.88 every time Northeastern doesn't win the Beanpot). We'll have a separate post up on this fundraiser and encourage you to get involved.

Also joining the show this week is Matt Dresens of the BU Hockey Blog, who comes on to bring some actual insight and analysis about the Terriers and help set the stage for this weekend's series. Shep and Matt discuss the arc of BU's season, from fringe-y bubble team to a team that suddenly looks capable of beating anyone.

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