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BC Hockey vs. RIT: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Back at Kelley for a matinee

Elsa/Getty Images

After a successful two game road swing, BC returns home to take on RIT Saturday in a traditional post-Thanksgiving matinee. Let's hope they're not haunted by the Ghosts of AHC Teams Past.

RIT Tigers (3-6-2) at Boston College Eagles (11-1-0)
Saturday, November 28, 2015, 4:00 PM, Kelley Rink at Conte Forum, Chestnut Hill, Mass.


Pairwise: RIT #52, BC #5
Team Offense: RIT #36 (2.55 goals per game)... BC #1 (4.42 goals per game)
Team Defense: RIT #43 (3.09 goals allowed per game)... BC #1 (1.17 goals allowed per game)


Thanksgiving hangover: We all remember what happened two years ago on Black Friday when a high powered BC team came out sleepwalking, fell behind huge to Holy Cross, and was unable to complete a furious late game comeback. This game is at least a little less trappish since it's not immediately the day after Thanksgiving, but these are college kids and you can see why there might be focus/energy issues in a situation like this. Let's hope they have their legs from the word go. If they do, they shouldn't have a problem with an RIT team that has been "meh" this season.

#JY1K: The countdown is on. BC has 4 games left before the holiday break and Jerry York is 5 wins away from 1000, meaning if the Eagles keep up their torrid pace, York will likely hit the milestone in front of a small crowd in Ostero, Florida during a holiday tournament, possibly against Ohio State or Cornell. Doesn't that sound like #PeakJerryYork to you?

Gaudreau point streak: We are familiar with the concept of a Gaudreau having a point streak, but this time it's Gaudreau the Younger. His empty net goal on Tuesday night extended his career best scoring streak to 7. He'll look to extend that as his line, flanking Colin White, continues to play electric hockey.

Colin White: Gaudreau's linemate, Colin White, has quietly thrust himself to #3 on the national scoring list with 20 points. The top 2 have 23 and 21 respectively. Can White continue to climb the chart?

Obligatory Game Day GIF/Video

A message from BC's captains asking for your support during this year's BC hockey toy drive. At all home games between now and Dec. 10, bring a new, boxed unwrapped toy for the Eagles to deliver to kids at Children's Hospital during the Christmas break.

The Pre-Game Watering Hole

Here is your occasional reminder that the Chestnut Hill Pepe's is slated to open next week. Not that I'm counting down the days or anything.

#CATPREDICTIONS, By The Cats Of The Gifford Cat Shelter

We have a Gifford alum guest prediction for this game since I was not at the shelter on Thursday because Thanksgiving. Bean's mom and dad both went to BC, so although he and I don't agree on pro sports (he's a Philly fan), he is definitely a BC fan. Bean was pretty excited to predict the score because he likes any excuses for extra treats.

Bean didn't have to think very hard before choosing BC, which is good since most of the humans he knows are BC alums! He is predicting a final score of 4-2 BC.


If you want your own BC fan cat, you can visit The Gifford Cat Shelter, located right across from BC at 30 Undine Road in Brighton. Founded in 1884, it is the oldest no kill and cageless shelter in the U.S. More information is available at

The Last Word

BC 4, RIT 1.

There's no such thing as an "easy game" in college hockey anymore, so like any week, BC will have to play well. But if they do play to their abilities they should win this game. The AHC has some good teams but RIT has not been up to their usual standard thus far.

Predictions Contest

Grant retakes the lead by virtue of BC's late empty net goal, without which, I would have been in the lead. Booooo. The Gifford Cats move past New Guy (womp womp) and the pack remains tight at the top.

Scoring rules if you'd like to play along at home:

Predict the correct winner: 1 point
Get the margin of victory right: 2 points
Nail the correct final score: 3 points

Name Predictions GPS Points
Grant Salzano Bostoncollege_medium
We're overdue for a 4-0 shutout. 16
Joe Gravellese


At the game as always. Let's go. 15
Laura Berestecki


Arthur Bailin


AJ Black Bostoncollege_medium
Watching one last football game and lamenting what might have been this year. 10
Coach John Fidler

The Gifford Cats


New "Dan Rubin" Guy Bostoncollege_medium
New Guy is hoping for some AHC love but he's not getting it from us this week 9
Caleb Childers


Kwani Lunis

Bridget Klish


Staff Prediction Summary:
BC (3) - RIT (0) - Tie (0)

Fan Prediction Standings after last week:

Everyone picked the Eagles but nobody nailed the margin of victory so everything is largely unchanged

JPDot 13 points
princisb 12 points
airforce987 11 points
bostoncollegenyr 11 points
cam_dezak 9 points
pjpj23 8 points
seobe 8 points
mig1168 6 points
95dougie95 6 points
we are bc 5 points
bcmike22 5 points
b0mberman 4 point
bcmurt09 4 points
tommykay 3 points
totheheights 2 points
rmbc81 1 point
spillerhighlife 1 point
eagles2015 1 point
bceagles66 1 point

Leave your thoughts and predictions on the game below... will BC finish November with a win over the Tigers?