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Eastern Bias Hockey Podcast, Episode #43: Just How Bad Is Maine?

Joe and Shep return to talk a lot about the bad teams

Elsa/Getty Images

In this week's episode of the Eastern Bias Hockey Podcast, BC Interruption's Joe Gravellese and Bloggin' on Babcock's Shep Hayes return to talk a lot about the bad teams in Hockey East. Namely: Maine, UConn and Northeastern, who are all in the top 5 for losses nationally.

Do any of these teams have any hope for the rest of the season? Just how bad is Maine this year, and is time already running out on Red Gendrion in Orono?

Joe and Shep also dive in to last weekend's series between Boston University and Providence, a rematch of last year's national title game that ended with a pair of ties. Is BU "back" after a shaky first couple of weeks? Is Providence a good choice for #1 in the country right now? And is anyone going to beat Quinnipiac this year?

Also: making up dumb, Big Ten football-style rivalry trophies for college hockey.

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