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Boston College Hockey 6, Wisconsin 0: 6 Things We Learned This Weekend

A look back at the hockey team's home opening victory.

The Heights

1. Wisconsin is still a bad hockey team. I hate to start these observations by dumping on anyone, but it's pretty clear that Mike Eaves' team is in trouble again this season, and analysis of BC's performance on Friday night should be tempered by who the opponent was. Wisconsin only managed to test Thatcher Demko with two shots on goal from the slot for the entire game. They looked slow, lethargic, and devoid of ideas, and neither goaltender played particularly inspiring hockey. One night after losing to BC, they got outshot 44-18 by BU in a 4-1 loss. It's hard to believe a six-time national championship program is in such dire straits, but they are.

2. Miles Wood is the straw that stirs the drink right now. The GIF from Grant's recap doesn't really do justice to how impressive Wood's drive through the neutral zone was on BC's goal twelve seconds in to Friday night's game. His speed created the open space that allowed not one but two Eagles to get clear cracks at the net on the opening shift. It wasn't the last time his wheels and his playmaking ability would make things happen. Later in the period, he zipped through the middle of two Wisconsin defenders like they weren't even there and was fed for an open opportunity in the slot that he just missed the net on. In the second period, he busted his ass to get into position for a gorgeous give-and-go that Austin Cangelosi finished off. The kid is playing some phenomenal hockey for someone who is just a few weeks in to his collegiate career.

3. Austin Cangelosi can still be a highly productive offensive threat. Cangelosi would probably be the first to tell you that after scoring 26 points his freshman year, dropping back to 20 points last year was a disappointment. However, Cangelosi found himself bouncing between a mostly ineffective second line and a generally ineffective third line last season. This year, whether you want to call Wood-Cangelosi-Calnan the third line or the second line, it's really making things happen. Cangelosi has speed, playmaking ability, and a good shot. With the right line combination he can have a really productive season. So far this year, he has six shots on goal and is a +3 in three games.

4. Steve Santini is back in to enforcer mode. Santini was laying the lumber on Friday night in ways reminiscent of his freshman year. After coming back from injury last season he wasn't quite the same physical presence. He seems to be back in sheriff mode now, though. His best hit of the game probably didn't go down in the box score as a hit because the play had been whistled down for offside just beforehand, but he absolutely plowed his shoulder through a Wisconsin player's chest as he was crossing the blue line in the second period. I give the form a solid 10.

5. There's reason to feel some hope about the defense. Defense was and probably remains this team's  biggest question mark, but they've given up 1, 2, and 0 goals this season on 24, 28, and 20 shots. I know they haven't exactly faced the teeth of the schedule yet, but that's a good start, and should help BC's D build confidence. There were very few noticeable mistakes on Friday night; in general, the blueliners played a good, clean game.

6. Northeastern gonna Northeastern. This did not technically happen in the BC game, but it's an observation from the weekend. Is there any other program in Hockey East that could come in to the season with some semblance of hype and then manage to get themselves swept by New Guy's Bentley Falcons? There are pretty much always worse teams than the Huskies, but they are the undisputed champions at finding new and fascinating ways to torture their devoted fans. Never change, NU.