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GOAL BY GOAL: Boston College Eagles Trounce Wisconsin In Home Opener

Touchdown Eagles

Arthur Bailin, The Heights

Eventually, people won't be able to tell the joke about how BC hockey is outscoring BC football. But with the football team's game against #5 Clemson on the docket for tonight...we might have another week to tell it.

Friday night, the hockey version of the Eagles did manage to score a touchdown, blitzing the Badgers by a score of 6-0 in BC's home opener.

It's hard to find anything to dislike about this game. Let's go to the videotape and enjoy.

Boston College Goal #1 (GWG): 0:12 of the 1st period
Austin Cangelosi (Chris Calnan, Miles Wood)

BC 1, UW 0

Always nice to score the game winner 12 seconds into the game. Really a crucial, game-changing moment, this.

It is just amazing, the difference in this year's BC hockey team vs. last year's. The 2015-2016 iteration, in, granted, only its third game so far, is so much better at creating chances.

Miles Wood is the young man who gets things started, skating in with speed across the blue line and dropping it back for Calnan, who takes the opportunity to test the goalie early.

Adam Miller makes the save, but Austin Cangelosi is coming in hard right in between the hashmarks. The rebound finds its way right to him and he just has to send it right back where he got it to put BC ahead for good just 12 seconds in.

Boston College Goal #2 (SHG): 4:39 of the 1st period
Teddy Doherty (Unassisted)

BC 2, UW 0


Got my URLs crossed up, hang on...


There we go.

This is just fantastic. Doherty throws the puck into the Wisconsin end on a penalty kill from behind the red line, and with a little assist from Wisconsin's Kevin Schulze, manages to one-hop it into the net, prompting Adam Miller to go full Zatkoff Face.

That was the last shot he'd see as he got yanked immediately after. He's had better days.

Boston College Goal #3: 6:50 of the 2nd period
Ryan Fitzgerald (Adam Gilmour, Casey Fitzgerald)

BC 3, UW 0

Fitzgerald gets this goal just like Cangelosi got the first -- by gaining position on his man and skating into the slot.

This time it's not a rebound, but a feed from Gilmour (one hell of a feed, too, which looked like it might have been blind) from behind the net. Fitzgerald gets new sieve Matt Jurusik to go down, and my God do you see how much of the side of the net he left open?


Fitzgerald makes the easy shot and that really gets the party started in the 2nd period.

Boston College Goal #4: 16:05 of the 2nd period
Austin Cangelosi (Miles Wood, Chris Calnan)

BC 4, UW 0

God I love this goal. Jurusik doesn't have a prayer at stopping this play. Cangelosi makes the turnover at the blue line and bam, two on one. The pass goes back to Miles Wood—what a player he is shaping up to be, by the way—and Wood sends it right back to Cangelosi who's right on the doorstep with even more net to shoot at than Fitzgerald had.

Boston College Goal #5: 16:45 of the 2nd period
Colin White (Ryan Fitzgerald, Josh Couturier)

Couldn't get more of this goal because the video feed was just coming back from replays of the previous one, but this is basically all you need to see—Colin White embarrassing some poor Badger at the blue line and sniping one past Jurusik for his first career goal.

Give the young man one more...

Boston College Goal #6: 3:12 of the 3rd period
Colin White (Ryan Fitzgerald, Casey Fitzgerald)

There's White again, this time setting up shop on the doorstep on the 2 man advantage after a parade to the penalty box early in the third period. Some good puck movement by the Law Office of Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald to get the puck down low quickly, leaving just enough of a passing lane open to get the puck in to White.

White slaps it in, giving BC the touchdown and putting the finishing touches on a very nice Eagle victory over a struggling Badger team.

Fun fact: BC has outscored Wisconsin 20-2 in the their last three matchups.

BC heads out west for a pair of games against Colorado College next weekend. The Tigers are 0-3-0 so far with two losses to UMass (ouch) and one to Lowell with another to come. CC will play six games against Hockey East opponents before they play anyone else. How did that even happen?

For now, BC can enjoy this one for a couple days as they get the rest of the weekend off.