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GOAL BY GOAL: Boston College Hockey Drops 2-1 Decision To RPI

Eagles fall to 1-1-0

Dustin Satloff

Oh, hockey, you were supposed to be there to soothe our wounds. Not make things worse.

Sunday afternoon, Boston College hockey dropped a maddeningly frustrating game to RPI by a score of 2-1 to finish off their season-opening trip to upstate New York.

As Joe mentioned in the instant reaction post, the game was entirely winnable. BC seemed to dominate time of possession and scoring chances but, incredibly, didn't find the back of the net until the third period.

RPI Goal #1: 19:14 of the 2nd period
Riley Bourbonnais (Parker Reno, Evan Tironese)

RPI 1, BC 0

It might seem like an overstatement that the first goal of the game was the turning point, but the way the second period had gone, it was a gut shot that BC wasn't able to recover from.

The Eagles relentlessly peppered RPI goalie Jason Kasdorf for a span of about two minutes prior to this RPI goal, and it was unbelieveable that they weren't able to score. Then, after settling things down, RPI converted on a simple shot from the top of the faceoff circle that found its way through Demko (partially screened, perhaps?) to put BC down 1-0 at the very end of the 2nd.

With how much rubber BC was throwing at Kasdorf, and with BC's new young forwards, BC didn't feel out of yet just yet. But that would change quickly.

RPI Goal #2 (PPG, GWG): 3:02 of the 3rd period
Riley Bourbonnais (Evan Tironese, Jared Wilson)

RPI 2, BC 0

Well. That's a nice play.

This is a 3 on 2 that was executed about as well as can be. Really well done by RPI.

As is often the case on these plays, it's a player who doesn't show up on the scoresheet that makes it all happen. In this case, it's #22 Bradley Bell. Instead of holding his spot looking for a pass that would probably end up being useless, he skates in hard toward the crease. This draws Scott Savage's attention long enough to allow the original puck carrier, Bourbonnais, to receive the give-and-go and take a shot that a D1 hockey player won't miss very often.

The good news for BC was that it was early enough that the Eagles would be able to attempt a comeback, and they would give it the old college try.

Boston College Goal #1 (PPG): 8:36 of the 3rd period
Zach Sanford (Teddy Doherty, Alex Tuch)

RPI 2, BC 1 -- FINAL

After some of the chances BC had earlier, this goal was a bit anti-climactic. But it came on a power play that the Eagles absolutely had to convert on to stay in the game, and they finally managed to crack Kasdorf.

Doherty passes it in deep to Sanford and he turns to put it on net before Kasdorf can fully seal off down low. It pulled BC within 1, but that was as close as BC would get.

The Eagles had another several chances to tie the game with Demko pulled late, but they just couldn't get another one. Very frustrating.

But the good news is, on the whole, BC seemingly generated more chances over the course of the weekend and put up more shots (another 37 Sunday after 40 against Army on Friday) than they did in almost any weekend last season.

BC has a one-off next weekend against Wisconsin for Friday's home opener. After the bulk of the top ten stumbled this weekend, the Eagles will look to get back in the win column to keep toward the front of the pack.