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2015 Beanpot, Day 2: Final Thoughts and Predictions

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It's the second Monday in February... er, scratch that, the fourth Monday

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Consolation games don't get any more massive than tonight's. A win or a tie, and BC retains the #9 spot in the PWR that it sort of backed into on Saturday thanks to a number of teams losing while the Eagles sat idle. If BC loses to Harvard, however, they will slide all the way back to 16th spot—functionally out of the tournament, due to the AHC sending an auto-bid to NCAAs.

Oh yeah, BU and Northeastern play afterward.

#9 Boston College Eagles vs. #16 Harvard Crimson

Monday, February 23, 4:30 PM, TD Garden
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Team Offense Rankings

Boston College: #17, 3.03 goals per game
Harvard: #10, 3.31 goals per game

Team Defense Rankings

Boston College: #23, 2.42 GA/game
Harvard: #29, 2.50 GA/game

Joe's Last Thoughts

What a massive game. The whole season is kind of riding on it. If they lose tonight, they're really going to need to go to Notre Dame and sweep in order to feel any sort of comfort level for making the tournament. If they win, they can certainly afford a split. A split would probably be even be good enough to preserve a 3-seed.

Will BC rise to the occasion and bring the kind of game we saw them play in the third period and overtime against Lowell? I think so. Harvard has been bleeding chances and goals lately, particularly since their leading defenseman, Patrick McNally, went out with an injury. BC should have opportunities to score tonight, and i think if they get ahead early they can break down this Harvard team which has had a patchy couple of weeks.

With a game against Harvard having the potential to open up and let a little more speed and flair flow, I'm looking (and hoping) to see Ryan Fitzgerald and Austin Cangelosi factor in the scoring. Give me Boston College 5, Harvard 2.

In the Beanpot final, as much as I want Northeastern to win, I'm sort of going to assume BU's third period Eichel & Friends steamroll is going to always work. Especially after such a lackluster weekend against Notre Dame, they should be particularly fired up. I'ma say Boston University 5, Northeastern 4 in another late-game heartbreaker for the Huntington Ave crew. Sorry guys.


On Friday night, AJ and I shared the spoils by predicting a tie. I wish I was wrong and that BC had won. Oh well.

Name BC-HU pick
BU-NU pick
Points this season
Brian Favat Bostoncollege_medium4-2 4-3 5.16
A.J. Black Bostoncollege_medium3-2 3.50
Joe Gravellese Bostoncollege_medium5-2 3.33
New Guy Bostoncollege_medium3-1 1.66

Grant Salzano 3-0 1.50




Staff Prediction Summary:
BC (5) - Harvard (0) - Tie (0)
BU (2) - Northeastern (3)

Leave your thoughts and predictions on the games below. Can BC get a huge win for pairwise purposes? Can NU snap their long stretch of Beanpot futility?