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GOAL BY GOAL: Boston College Hockey Ties Late, But Falls In Overtime To Vermont

This one stings.

BC Heights

This is not the time of year that it's prudent to lay an egg on the ice.

Unfortunately, that's what BC did, never quite generating many chances and getting outshot pretty dramatically by the Catamounts. A late game-tying effort went for nothing, as defensive breakdowns did in the Eagles as they fell in overtime to Vermont, 3-2.

Vermont Goal #1: 6:09 of the 1st period
Brady Shaw (Jake Fallon, Nick Luukko)

UVM 1, BC 0

Right off the bat, BC handed Vermont a layup of a goal.

The key to this play isn't what's happening at the blue line, but what's happening on Demko's doorstep. Fallon for Vermont finds the puck on his stick after Smith fails to clear—okay, fine. There are defenders there to cover.

But Shaw is sitting right at the goal mouth and Matheson just kind of lets him camp out there. Demko just has no chance on this one timer, as Fallon dishes the puck over to Shaw for the easy layup.

The goal came after an early BC penalty, and the Eagles really struggled to get anything going on afterward. It wasn't until they got a power play of their own that they were able to get on the board.

Boston College Goal #1 (PPG): 14:45 of the 1st period
Austin Cangelosi (Ryan Fitzgerald, Destry Straight)

BC 1, UVM 1

Having the only power play goal come on a wild scrum is kind of unfair because BC's power play was actually pretty good. But this goal is just lucky; it happened to find Cangelosi's stick out front with Santaguida laying down in his crease and Cangelosi lifted the puck up and over him for the tying goal.

But BC would fall behind again.

Vermont Goal #2 (PPG): 11:15 of the 2nd period
Kevin Irwin (Nick Luukko, Mike Stenerson)

UVM 2, BC 1

BC's penalty kill has been just terrible in the 2nd half of the year. Since January 2nd, BC is 22nd in the country in penalty killing, and it has just gotten worse as the season has progressed—29th in the country since mid-January and 41st in the first games in February.

And it doesn't help that Vermont has the top power play in Hockey East.

Demko really, really wishes he could have this one back. Vermont takes a shot through traffic and Demko looks like he is caught totally flat footed or just doesn't see the puck entirely. It hits the back of the net allowing Vermont to retake the lead.

From this point on, BC struggled to generate chances, but did play a bit better. Still, it felt like they would go forever before scoring again.


Boston College Goal #2 (EAG): 19:51 of the 3rd period
Alex Tuch (Noah Hanifin, Michael Matheson)

BC 2, UVM 2

Happiness! Temoporarily!

The play comes right after a blown icing call on the other end of the ice that was waved off. Matheson was impeded by the ref, and still beat the Vermont skater to the end of the ice, but it was waved off anyway.

Instead, Matheson won the puck back and passed up to Hanifin so took the wide angle shot on Santaguida. Santaguida had been fighting the puck all night—he gave up a ton of rebounds, part of what it's so frustrating that we couldn't get more chances to score—and the puck bounces off him right into the slot where Tuch is there to chip home the game tying goal.

Awesome! But don't get too excited.

Vermont Goal #3: 1:47 of Overtime
Anthony Petruzzelli (Jonathan Turk, Mike Paliotta)

UVM 3, BC 2 -- FINAL

I don't really pick on Matheson as much as a lot of BC fans do, but once again it's him getting beat for a goal. And this one's really a kick in the junk.

That's a really nice pass into the front of the net for Vermont, but Matheson isn't working his man nearly hard enough. He's got position on Matheson the whole time, and even before the great pass you can see what's coming.

Petruzzelli gets out front, stays out front, receives the pass and Demko's beat before Matheson can do anything about it.

Just a brutal loss. BC played okay at times but struggled to generate any real chances for huge stretches of the game. The penalty kill is erupting into a huge concern and it's only getting worse.

BC is running out of time to find the magic that put them on the big mid-season winning streak that put them into contention for a playoff spot. They're still there right now, but a win tomorrow will be crucial to stay there.