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Eastern Bias Podcast: Beanpot Preview Roundtable

Talkin' Beanpot on this week's podcast

Elsa/Getty Images

This week on the Eastern Bias podcast, Joe and Shep talk pretty much just about the Beanpot. Michael Ledecky of The Crimson and noted Northeastern fan Sean Hathaway of Stanley Cup of Chowder join the show to give a full four-school perspective on why this might be the most exciting Beanpot in a little while. There are even predictions! Joe may or may not have been the only person to pick BC. But he's totally not a homer or anything.

Plus, there is a quick hit on the Maine student section. But really, this show is about the Beanpot. Sorry/not sorry, fans of other schools.

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As always, thanks for listening. And get ready to enjoy the Beanpot, because it's going to be a good one.