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Saturday Night's Pairwise Rooting Guide for Boston College Hockey Fans

BC isn't playing tonight, but there are a lot of games that impact the Eagles

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Eagles are resting tonight following last night's huge 4-2 victory over Boston University, a lot can happen tonight to impact BC's NCAA tournament position in advance of tomorrow's game at Maine. Here's a little rooting guide for some of tonight's games.

After last night, BC currently sits at #16 in the Pairwise. Here's a look at some of the teams around BC and who they're playing tonight. In parentheses is the teams' RPI.

#12 Vermont (.5583) - vs. Northeastern, 7 PM. Last night, NU pulled off the upset at Vermont and it would help drag Vermont down toward BC if the Huskies could do it again.

#13 Denver (.5559) - vs. St.Cloud State, 9 PM. End of a two game set; Denver won last night and moved up.

#14 Michigan (.5518) - idle for the rest of the weekend. Like BC, Michigan is hot right now. However, BC would have a chance to jump them if they win tomorrow and other results break the right way.

#15 Providence (.5512) - idle for the rest of the weekend. BC will likely jump them if they beat Maine tomorrow.

#16 BC (.5509)

#17 Merrimack (.5491) - @ Quinnipiac, 7PM
#18 Quinnipiac (.5488) - vs. Merrimack, 7 PM - This is kind of a lose/lose for BC as I think the winner will probably jump us. However, unless someone corrects me, I'm thinking best for BC is a Merrimack win to strengthen Hockey East's out of conference record.

#19 Colgate (.5470) - @ Union, 7 PM

#20 Minnesota (.5467) - vs. Wisconsin, 6 PM, Fox College Sports - How the mighty have fallen. The Gophers are already in a previously unimaginable pickle; if they drop more points to lowly Wisconsin tonight, they'll be in some trouble.

Behind Minnesota there's a decent sized gap back to #21 St. Cloud State, so it's safe to call this the bubble region right. Of course, with how much parity there is in the sport right now, the bubble picture is going to change every single day. Buckle up!