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BCI Radio Talks Sonny Milano & CHL vs. NCAA

Dan Rubin and Joe Gravallese dive into the Sonny Milano Affair and offer/receive some differing views for discussion.

Bruce Bennett

The Sonny Milano Affair is long in the Boston College hockey rear view.  As students prepare to return to campus, the hockey team isn't going to be defined by who isn't showing but rather who is and how good they can be.  With a short turnaround to the start of the season, worrying about Milano and the "will he or won't he" question is no longer anything swirling around the Sons of Jerry York.

Despite this, Milano's decision to not attend Boston College and instead matriculate to the Plymouth Whalers of the Ontario Hockey League is a hot button topic.  It's one stirring emotions on both sides of the fence among Superfans.  On one hand, who cares what Milano does?  He's an 18 year old kid making the decision he feels is best for himself, and he will hardly be the missing link if the Eagles can't win a national championship.

On the other side sit the fans deceived, the ones jilted by the Columbus Blue Jackets draft pick.  They're the ones angry, the ones who feel Milano made the wrong move by affirming his choice to come to BC just days before turning an about face.  They feel Sonny Milano is a Benedict Arnold, and they'll quickly point out the NCAA products in the NHL as reasoning why this was a bad choice.  Johnny Gaudreau and Pat Mullane were just two of the former Eagles zinging Milano, giving a ringing endorsement of the York way of life.

Donald Harkins is the United States Director of Scouting for the Whalers.  He will join our show to discuss the move and what it means.  And we'll be talking about this all night as a special edition of our Pardon the BC Interruption radio program.  We're back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled UMass program, but this is can't miss radio.

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