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Boston College Hockey: BCI Radio Talks Milano And The NCAA/OHL Debate On Monday

Tune in at 8 PM as we dive into the emotional topic with Donald Harkins of the Plymouth Whalers!

Mitchell Leff

This week, Boston College hockey fans and supporters were shocked when incoming freshman Sonny Milano chose to bypass the NCAA road to the pros in favor of a contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets.  After assuring BC that it was the school for him, Milano instead made the decision to ply his trade with the Plymouth Whalers of the Ontario Hockey League, having been selected in the NHL Draft this year by Columbus in the first round, 16th overall.

The decision was a tough blow for BC so close to the start of the season, and it elicited a wide spectrum of emotions from Eagle fans.  On one hand, a contingent of fans expressed anger at the alleged deceit of Milano, who affirmed his decision to go to BC just days before he chose to go to the OHL.  Opposite them is a more apathetic group, one instead lauding the tweets and expressions of support from people like Johnny Gaudreau and Pat Mullane, speaking more of the need to move on since a team couldn't dwell on a player that "didn't want to be here."  It's something Grant Salzano spoke very eloquently about in his piece during the week. Additionally, there's the contingent who feels that he made the best decision for his own career, and that's what ultimately matters the most.

One thing about the whole affair is that everyone has a thought.  Nobody is really in the middle in terms of their way of thinking.

Lost in the discussion, though, is the view from the OHL.  While BC fans express their view, it's strictly from the NCAA side of things.  There hasn't been a whole lot of perspective from the OHL... until now.

On Monday at 8 PM, we'll have a special edition of BCI Radio.  Joe Gravallese will be in studio as Dan Rubin hosts Donald Harkins of the Plymouth Whalers.  Harkins is the director of United States scouting for the club having been a member of their staff since 2008 and having served as the team's overall scouting director since 2009.  Under his watch, the Michigan-based franchise has brought in first round draft picks like Richard Rakell and Ryan Hartman.  Current NHL players Tom Wilson and Tyler Seguin played for the Whalers under the Cleveland-based scout's watch.

He'll join us to bring a different perspective to the table in what should be a can't-miss show.  So tune in at 8 PM on Friday as we talk college hockey and the Ontario Hockey League with one of our biggest guests yet.