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Michael Matheson Named 2014-15 Boston College Hockey Captain

Quinn Smith, Michael Sit named alternate captains

Emily Fahey, BC Heights Sports

The wait was a bit long for BC Hockey to announce the captains for the upcoming season, but Thursday, the news finally came:

Michael Matheson, a junior who opted into his third year after debating a jump to the Florida Panthers, was named captain, with seniors Michael Sit and Quinn Smith named as alternate captains.

Matheson is the third Canadian captain under Jerry York, following in the footsteps of fellow canucks Brock Bradford (08-09 captain) and Matt Price (09-10 captain).

Remarkably, according to the BC media guide, Matheson is the 11th Canadian to play hockey for the Eagles, which means that more than a quarter of BC's players from Great White North have gone on to become captain. A fourth player, Dan Bertram, was alternate captain in 2008 as well.

Leadership will be particularly important this year as BC will need to get a lot of production from its highly-touted freshman class. Congratulations to Matheson, Sit, and Smith -- hopefully BC can improve on its sub-par Frozen Four season next year under their leadership.