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GOAL BY GOAL: Boston College Hockey Closes Weekend With Win Over UNH

And Demko got an assist -- neat!

BC Athletics

Every time BC hockey plays bad teams, it seems like they're starting to finally come around. Friday's tie was a tough pill to swallow, but they looked pretty good. Tonight was more of the same, but this time the Eagles were able to find the net and pull out a 4-2 win over the UNH Wildcats.

New Hampshire Goal #1 (PPG): 17:42 of the 1st period
John Furgele (Andrew Poturalski, Grayson Downing)

BC 0, UNH 1

There aren't many teams in the country with a worse power play than BC, but UNH is one of them. Despite this, both of their goals came on the man advantage.

Can't make this stuff up.

It was a bit easier on this one with the two man advantage. BC had to kill almost a minute and a half with two men in the box, and almost did it until a little UNH give-and-go opened up some shooting space for Furgele who beat Demko stick side.

It had been a decent period up to that point, but the UNH goal sure made the game feel like it was going to be more of the same frustration for BC. Fortunately, the BC offense came to life.

Boston College Goal #1: 4:29 of the 2nd period
Teddy Doherty (Austin Cangelosi, Michael Matheson)

BC 1, UNH 1

Let's talk for a second about Teddy Doherty. The junior defenseman is on a roster with nine NHL draft picks plus Noah Hanifin, and is leading the team in scoring.

It's true; look it up. Doherty's 11 points is more than anyone else on the team. And he's a defenseman. Has anyone complained about Doherty at all this year? He's quietly become one of the strongest players on the team.

Boston College Goal #2: 4:45 of the 2nd period
Austin Cangelosi (Zach Sanford, Thatcher Demko!)

BC 2, UNH 1

MVP of the weekend absolutely goes to Austin Cangelosi. After being painfully—excruciatingly—silent for the entire season, the sophomore finally broke out with a 2-3--5 weekend and looked like a new man with his new linemates, Fitzgerald and Sanford. It is critical that he start finding his way onto the scoresheet if BC is going to climb out of the hole it's dug.

This goal is set up beautifully by Sanford, who gets just enough attention from the UNH defenders to be able to drop the puck back, but Cangelosi is where the magic happens with this slick backhand finisher. That is the Austin Cangelosi we've been waiting to see.

Oh and PS, that was two goals in 16 seconds. Wheee!

Boston College Goal #3 (GWG): 8:54 of the 2nd period
Chris Calnan (Quinn Smith, Scott Savage)

BC 3, UNH 1

This looked like a soft goal on first take, but Chris Calnan actually gets just enough of a stick on this to slip the puck through Adam Clark's pads.

Goals like this and goal #2 are what keeps me from totally giving up on the season. Another goal in transition for BC off what looks like from nice chemistry developing. BC doesn't look scary but they are putting together some nice offensive opportunities. There's hope yet.

New Hampshire Goal #2 (PPG): 14:40 of the 2nd period
Matt Willows (Unassisted)

BC 3, UNH 2

I'm just going to kind of leave this here as my recap of this goal:

Scotty Savage, my brother, I love you. But what in God's name are you doing?

Boston College Goal #4 (ENG): 18:47 of the 3rd period
Chris Calnan (Quinn Smith, Austin Cangelosi)


It's all good, though. Calnan skates out of the box from a late penalty kill and finds the empty net to seal the win for BC.

Every win is "a big one" so it's really unfortunate BC couldn't pull off a sweep of a floundering UNH team. The Eagles actually dropped in the PWR, down to 31st (yikes) after Saturday's win, but it kept BC in the midst of a pretty sizable chuck of teams that are all really close in RPI. Another couple wins and BC could be looking at around 20th and knocking on the door.

The Eagles wrap up the first half at home against Michigan on Saturday night. The Wolverines are one of those mediocre teams on the outside looking into the tournament right now (hey, sounds familiar), so needless to say, BC would be well served to pull off a win to end the first half.