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2014 Big Ten/Hockey East Challenge: Big Ten Wins Challenge

BC's athletics conference didn't win the Big Ten/Hockey East Challenge, either.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Certainly not a banner year for the ACC in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge in men's basketball...and Boston College's men's hockey conference didn't fare much better, falling in this year's Big Ten/Hockey East Challenge by a final score of 25-22.

Minnesota (7 points) and Penn State (6) lead the way for the Big Ten. New Hampshire, of all teams, led the way for Hockey East with five points with victories at Michigan and at home vs. Michigan State. Boston College was no help, obviously, dropping a 6-2 decision at home to Minnesota in their only Big Ten/Hockey East Challenge game—a result that proved to be the deciding three points in the Challenge. Womp.

This year only five of six Big Ten Hockey Conference teams participated in the event. Curiously, a Wisconsin team off to an unprecedented and historically bad start to the season (1-8-1) were the only Big Ten club not participating this year, which, convenient.

Date Result Hockey East Big Ten
10-Oct Ohio State def. Providence, 5-4 (OT) 2
10-Oct Penn State ties UConn, 2-2 1 1
11-Oct Providence def. Ohio State, 2-1 (OT) 3
11-Oct Penn State def. UConn, 7-1 2
17-Oct New Hampshire def. Michigan, 5-1 3
17-Oct Michigan State def. Massachusetts, 5-3 2
18-Oct Michigan def. New Hampshire, 2-1 2
18-Oct Massachusetts def. Michigan State, 4-3 3
24-Oct Michigan def. UMass Lowell, 8-4 3
24-Oct Boston University def. Michigan State, 1-0 2
25-Nov Boston University def. Michigan, 3-2 2
25-Nov UMass Lowell def. Michigan State, 2-1 2
7-Nov Michigan State def. New Hampshire, 4-3 3
7-Nov Minnesota def. Notre Dame, 5-0 2
8-Nov New Hampshire def. Michigan State, 5-2 2
9-Nov Minnesota def. Notre Dame, 4-2 2
14-Nov UMass Lowell def. Penn State, 5-3 2
15-Nov Penn State def. UMass Lowell, 4-1 3
28-Nov Minnesota def. Boston College, 6-2 3
29-Nov Northeastern def. Minnesota, 3-2 2
Totals 22 25