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Eastern Bias Hockey Podcast, Episode 8: Featuring Special Guest Mike McMahon of College Hockey News

We talk about BC's disastrous week, Merrimack, stats, and more

Joe Gravellese of BC Interruption and Shep Hayes of BU blog Bloggin' on Babcock recorded episode 8 of the Eastern Bias Hockey Podcast, this time featuring special guest Mike McMahon of College Hockey News.

Topics for discussion this week include:

- BC's disastrous week, and the prognosis for the Eagles
- What is the #Icebus? Can we record a show from it?
- Merrimack's strong start
- Stats in college hockey
- Dark horses signing NLIs this week
- Could Jack Eichel actually win the Hobey as a freshman?
- A look at the pairwise, because why not

Listen to the episode below, check out the site on Podbean, subscribe on iTunes, and follow @easternbias on Twitter; join in the community that has called the podcast "not bad," "better than it used to be," and "[not] the definitive college hockey podcast."