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Eagles Sore: Boston College Hockey Obliterated By Notre Dame, 7-2

What the actual Christ was that?

Boston College Athletics

Okay, we're going to keep this brief, because Lord knows this day has been long enough already.

After taking an early 1-0 lead, BC hockey fell flat on its face against Notre Dame, giving up 7 straight goals on the way to an awful 7-2 loss in Game 1 of the Hockey East quarterfinals.

It was crap all around, there was crap goaltending, crap offense, crap defense, crap opponent, crap game, crap crap crap CRAP CRAP CRAP IT WAS ALL CRAP WHY HAVE WE NOT FIRED DONAHUE YET SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS

Whoa, sorry. I don't know what came over me.

Uh, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, tonight's crap hockey game.  Well, after getting ahead 1-0 on the power play courtesy of a Ryan Fitzgerald tally late in the first period, everything went pretty much straight to hell.

Notre Dame scored with 9 seconds left in the first to tie the game. Then they scored 2:50 into the second to take the lead. They got another one ten minutes later. And if you thought BC might respond with their trademark "oh, shit, we have to actually play hockey now," third period, well, you were wrong, because the third was more CRAP, with Notre Dame scoring goals 1, 5, 12, and 15 minutes into the third period, emphatically removing any hope BC had of a third period comeback.

Johnny Gaudreau had an assist on a Patrick Brown goal deep, deep, deep into garbage time to extend his point streak to 30 games, which was an almost comical ending to a ridiculous game, seeing as how much of a disaster everything was. But at least there's something positive to take from the game.

The last time BC lost a Hockey East quarterfinal game was in The Year Of Our Lord Two Thousand And Four. Ten years ago. That year, BC was the #1 seed, and lose the series to the 8 seed. Hopefully Jerry York has figured out why Notre Dame is our kryptonite because otherwise it is going to be a very, very frustrating first round exit out of the Hockey East tournament.

If there's any consolation, other than Gaudreau's point streak, it's that this game doesn't matter in the slightest in the national tournament picture, with Minnesota's overtime win over Michigan. The #1 overall seed would have been out of reach now anyway even if we had won. And if we get up from this little stumble to win the next two and get to the Garden, it'll be like this game never even happened.

Onward and upward. BC men's and women's hockey both play at 4pm tomorrow, the men on NESN to keep their Hockey East tournament hopes alive, and the women up in Potsdam, NY for their NCAA quarterfinal against Clarkson. A win would advance the Eagles to the Frozen Four.

Hopefully we banked all of the weekend's frustration today so we can end on a high note tomorrow and Sunday.