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Hockey Banter, Week XX: The LIVE Edition Returns

Tune in to listen to two great hockey minds. And Grant will be there, too. Hour-plus long show drops at 8 PM!

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Let's talk some hockey, shall we? Joe and Grant will join us as Hockey Banter goes LIVE for our second straight show. Join us as we touch upon the following topics:

-Men's hockey is hosting Notre Dame this week in the Hockey East quarterfinals. We'll size up the series, and we'll look at BC in the scope of the national picture.

-Notre Dame is entering the weekend on a 6-0-1 stretch. How real are they, and what can we expect from a new chapter in the Holy War?

-The women's team fell stunned this week, losing the Hockey East crown to Boston University. What did that mean for their seeding, and what does that mean for their national title hopes and aspirations?

-With Hockey East playoffs going on, what are the matchups to watch, who's on upset alert, and what needs to happen for some of the bubble teams?

-Johnny Hockey. Every year, BC is faced with the question at the end of the year if he'll return or if he'll sign with the Calgary Flames. With Calgary's offense and season sputtering, how much pressure is on Gaudreau to sign, and how will BC's postseason affect his status as a prospect?

-YOUR CALLS. Feel free to call in the show whenever you want and talk hockey with two of our favorite hockey (ahem) experts. And you can talk to Grant, too.

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