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GOAL BY GOAL: #2 Boston College Hockey Tops Merrimack

A look at BC's goals from last night's contest

Graham Beck, BC Heights Sports

We gave you a quick postgame recap already, but with Merrimack being kind enough to put up full highlights of the goals on YouTube, we figured we could give you our usual goal breakdown.

Hit it, Birds.

Goal #1 -- 1:23 of the 1st period: Kevin Hayes (John Gaudreau)
BC 1, Merrimack 0

This belongs in the Not Top Ten.

Not your typical first line goal, with Gaudreau getting an assist and Hayes getting credit for the score. Hayes does take a nice shot that leaves a huge rebound right in front of the goal, but instead of a maroon jersey throwing in the rebound, it's #26 for Merrimack, Dan Kolomatis (I assume the 26 is his age) who does it for us.

Womp womp.

Merrimack would score their only goal on a softie (although to be fair to Demko, looking at the highlights, he was pretty well screened), but BC would bookend the first period scoring with a late goal to retake the lead.

Goal #2 (PPG, GWG) -- 19:18 of the 1st period: Adam Gilmour (Teddy Doherty)
BC 2, Merrimack 1

BC went 0 for its first 4 on the power play, all of which came in the first period, so shoutout to Gilmour and Doherty for scoring so fast that our power play didn't have time to Fail again.

This was about as quick as they come. Gilmour wins the faceoff cleanly back to Doherty, Doherty goes to the top of the umbrella, GIlmour goes right to the net... Shot, Deflection, Goal. Just like they drew it up.

2-1 was the score after a great first period. Merrimack had their chances in the second, but BC extended the lead.

Goal #3 -- 8:31 of the 2nd period: Patrick Brown (Ryan Fitzgerald, Scott Savage)
BC 3, Merrimack 1

Pretty long GIF, but I wanted to make sure we were able to see Savage make a tremendous play to keep the puck in the offensive zone. He deftly maneuvers around a Merrimack forward before dishing it off to Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald finds Brown in a little bit of space along the wall, and Brown just rips an absolute snipe from a tough angle and flat-out beats Rasmus Tirronen. 3-1.

That was it for the regular scoring. Despite being up by 2 goals -- The Most Dangerous Lead In Hockey -- Merrimack would never really threaten again, and certainly not in the third period where the shots were just 5-4 in favor of BC.

Goal #4 (ENG) -- 19:08 of the 3rd period: Austin Cangelosi (Quinn Smith, Patrick Brown)
BC 4, Merrimack 1 -- FINAL

And that's all she wrote. Pretty much nothing else happened in this game other than Thatcher Demko making a few nice saves to keep Merrimack at bay while BC was up by 1.

I love when BC scores 7 goals but this is much easier to do when it's just 4. I have a feeling I won't be so lucky after next week's game against Penn State.