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Conte Forum Will Finally Have Air Conditioning!

Fog out games a thing of the past.


One day you'll be able to tell your kids about where you were for one of the two Boston College hockey fog games and share a good laugh. What was once a Twitter rumor is now reality. Air conditioning in Conte Forum ... soon.

Conte Forum will be a more comfortable environment when Facilities Management completes installation of a chiller and dehumidifier on the Conte roof, among other improvements, this summer. Bourque said the improved system will provide air conditioning to the main forum area, lobby, main concourse and Power Gym, and offer more comfort during large-scale events such as Pops on the Heights and First Year Convocation.

Future bar trivia question answer: the 2008 Boston College-North Dakota 0-0 fog game was suspended by Hansen and Benedetto under NCAA Rule 6, Section 55 d.

"If, at any time during the course of the game, a referee believes that the playing conditions or the conditions among the players and/or spectators have become unsatisfactory, the referee may stop the game; and the score of the game shall be what it was when the game was stopped. It shall be "no contest" unless two periods have been completed."

No more embarrassments on national television? Yes and please.