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2014 Frozen Fenway: Everyone Plays Everyone Else Over Two Days

Please make this stop. Think of the children!


College Hockey News' Mike McMahon has more details around next season's Frozen Fenway event. Take it away, Mike.

So eight of 11 Hockey East clubs will be playing in this very exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime event. UMass, New Hampshire and Vermont are like what are we, chopped liver? I'm honestly a little surprised UConn wasn't preemptively invited.

Anyone know anyone in the city's permit office? Call in a favor?

Yay! Just like little league! Here's a trophy for you. And a trophy for you. And a trophy for youuuuuu ...

NESN? But what about the good people of South Bend, Indiana?


Everything you need to know about BC Interruption's stance on 2014 Frozen Fenway is here. Honestly I want to smash my head on my keyboard on repeat when thinking about how bad an idea this is. Individual Hockey East games count MORE in the standings next year with teams facing each other only two times a year. Why are we mortgaging our home ice advantage to play in an event that jumped the shark two years ago? So we can make Notre Dame feel included in their new conference home?

Fans are sick of these games. If you agree, please let Brad Bates know this event has to


For real. Can't UMass host Notre Dame at Fenway?