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Boston College Hockey Blanks Bowling Green 5-0

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Eagles pick up right where they left off with a quality win over the Falcons

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

One minute and nineteen seconds was all it took for Johnny Gaudreau to score the game-winning goal for BC tonight. Brian Billett backstopped the Eagles to the first shutout of his career as BC dominated the Bowling Green Falcons 5-0 in the first round of the Three Rivers Classic.

No video for this game, so no GIFs. Sorry folks. Also, there wasn't enough of that Internet Money to send me and Joe to Pittsburgh to cover the game. But we took a step back in time to days when TV did not exist, apparently, and had to listen on the radio. Which was fine, in a quaint sort of way.

The game was really over before it even started, with Gaudreau scoring 1:19 in, followed by Travis Jeke at 3:33 and Teddy Doherty at 6:45. BOOM, ENJOY.

BC added one in the 2nd and one in a 3rd from Scott Savage and Michael Matheson, respectively, capping an interesting series in which four of our five goals were scored by defensemen.

And perhaps even more interesting, three of the goals were scored by players who have spent significant time in the stands -- Scott Savage sat for both UNH games, Jeke hasn't played all year, and Doherty for some reason must said a bad word at practice or something and has sat a ton despite being 2-4--6 in just 8 games this year.

Bowling Green is pretty average, sitting 27th out of 59 in the Pairwise... but both of BC's potential opponents for tomorrow are just terrible hockey teams. Penn State and Robert Morris are 51st and 55th, both below Holy Cross (ouch). The Eagles play the winner tomorrow at 7:35pm.