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GOAL BY GOAL: Boston College Hockey Dominates Boston University, 5-1

Whose house?

Grant Salzano

Last night I was fortunate enough to make the trip up to Agganis for BC vs. BU, which turned out to be pretty freaking enjoyable.

But then, that's usually the case at Agganis. BC holds a ridiculous 10-3-1 record on BU's home ice, which probably has something to do with the fact that BC fans find it such a fun "road trip."

BC absolutely had their way with the Terriers in this game. And really, it was not a fair fight. It was like BU had to tie their hands behind their backs while BC was allowed to punch with the brass knuckles known around these parts as John Gaudreau and Kevin Hayes.

The result was a 5-1 curbstomping courtesy of the law firm of York, Brown, Ayers, & McInnis, P.C.

BC finally had a really strong start, putting the pressure on BU early and often -- and there would be no goalie thievery out of BU's Matt O'Connor.

Goal #1 -- 9:10 of the 1st period: Austin Cangelosi (Johnny Gaudreau, Danny Linell)
BC 1, BU 0

As far as Gaudreau Primary Assists go, this one was pretty low on the Flashy Index. I'm not particularly sure if BU just didn't know Cangelosi was sitting there all alone below at the bottom of the faceoff circle, or whether they just didn't care, but there wasn't a scarlet jersey within a good 15 feet of him. All Gaudreau has to do here is give the puck to the guy chilling by himself next to the goalie.

Look at the time Cangelosi has here. He has enough time to collect the puck from a near standstill, drift over to O'Connor's front porch, and do three forehand-backhand taps before O'Connor finally breaks and Cangelosi is able to stuff it into the gaping 5-hole.

As an aside -- I'd like to think that if Steve Santini was BU's Danny O'Regan here (#10, coming in to defend Cangelosi as the puck goes into the net), he would have come in like a bat out of hell and freight-trained the guy with the puck rather than just kind of glide in and watch him shoot.

Goal #2 (GWG) -- 11:36 of the 1st period: Johnny Gaudreau (Bill Arnold, Danny Linell)
BC 2, BU 0

Oh, poor O'Connor. This is the kind of goal that makes the goalie go all existential and ponder his very existence.

There is, quite literally, a hockey-puck sized hole over O'Connor's left shoulder at which to shoot. That is it. Johnny Gaudreau shot the puck at that puck-sized hole with the force of Mack Truck and it probably bent space-time on its way through.

Really solid work by Arnold to collect this puck as well. It was ticketed for the corner but he did a nice job to gather it in and just placed it right onto Gaudreau's stick. Unfair.

The first period ended at 2-0, and it could have been worse. Shots were 16-5 in favor of BC, and BU didn't really threaten at any point.

The second period was a different story. BC took 5 penalties in the period -- 10 minutes, half of the entire period -- and BU took advantage early with a goal 1:59 in off a deflected puck that floated right over Demko's left shoulder and into the net to make it 2-1. If you want a highlight of that goal, watch BU's 2009 championship game-winner on YouTube or something, because it was a carbon copy.

Keep that ish out of here, though.

Fortunately, Johnny Gaudreau did Johnny Gaudreau things a few minutes later.

Goal #3 -- 7:41 of the 2nd period: Bill Arnold (Johnny Gaudreau, Michael Matheson)
BC 3, BU 1

I mean, what?

Seriously, if you're BU, what do you do? Can you do anything?

BC is on a power play here (the goal was scored as the offending Terrier came out of the box), and Garrett "Goonin'" Noonan is without a stick putting BU in a tough spot. Gaudreau recognizes it right away. He shows tremendous patience, challenging the stickless gorilla by skating right at him, and then makes a subtle little move to go around him like a traffic cone.

At this point Gaudreau is in his office behind the net and surprises everyone by throwing the puck behind the net, without from where he came -- without even turning around! -- onto the stick of a waiting Bill Arnold.

Given all of the BC penalties, it makes sense that BU outshot the Eagles in the frame (shots were 12-8 BU). Kind of annoying that we took so many, and the amount of possession BU had on their powerplay opportunities was a bit concerning.

BU had only SIX (6!!!) even-strength shots. Six! That is patently insane.

The powerplay shots against were really the only negative on the night. So we'll let Sir Jerry of York do his thing in practice and not worry about it.

The third period was all BC, all the time.

Goal #4 -- 7:35 of the 3rd period: Kevin Hayes (Ryan Fitzgerald)
BC 4, BU 1

Want to know how to execute a 3 on 2? Watch this on a loop.

Hayes does a nice job here of cutting to his right to drive to the net while simultaneously and in-stride dumping the puck off to Fitzgerald, who draws Matt Grzzxxzxyzlcyk away from Hayes.

Calnan won't get an assist for his efforts, but had almost as much to do with the goal as Fitzgerald. He also goes to the net and takes his man with him, clearing out plenty of space for Hayes to head to the slot for Fitzgerald's return feed.

Tape-to-tape and you can just forget about it.

Goal #5 -- 8:27 of the 3rd period: Destry Straight (Kevin Hayes, Chris Calnan)
BC 5, BU 1 -- FINAL

And then, we have the emphatic Alley-Oop exclamation point to an already pretty set of goals.

Look at you, Kevin Hayes! Oh my Lord what a ridiculous feed. Little spin-o-rama to a streaking Destry Straight. Lost in the camera work is Straight actually cutting to his right at the last moment (you see Gryxxzzxzyxlcyk spinning the wrong way) and chipping the puck to himself. Then it's just a matter of going to the net and going around Grxzxzxzylcyk.

O'Connor just guesses completely wrong and ends up looking like the kid on the basketball court who the talented kids only hang out with so they can have someone to tool on.

He completely sells out on the assumption that Grzzxxxzxyyzxyzyxyzyxlcyk is going to run Straight to his right and force the backhand, but Straight goes through the hole like Andre Williams against the New Mexico State line and ends up with what was probably the easiest finish of his career.

That was all she wrote, but this game was over early. BC's young talent is really starting to show itself, and much more quickly than anyone expected. Everyone is getting involved -- I mean seriously, BC is 8 games into the season and already 8 different players are multi-goal scorers.

Thatcher Demko looked good but still hasn't needed to steal a game (a testament to the solid defensive play of the team in front of him, really). It makes you wonder how long it will really take until one of the two goaltenders really distances himself. It's a good problem to have and not worth stressing over.

Full replays of each goal in YouTube form below. The best part is the disbelief of the announcers over how good Gaudreau is.

BC takes on Army tomorrow afternoon at 3pm. Army is currently dead last in RPI (and by a pretty wide margin) so on paper, this shouldn't even be a contest. And with two days for Jerry York to prepare the team... let's just say I'm just hoping I'm not going to have to spend my entire Sunday making GIFs.