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GOAL BY GOAL: BC Hockey Comeback Over Northeastern

With GIFs!

via @BCHockeyNews

I already gave you guys the full recap last night -- so let's get right to the fun stuff.

Goal #1 -- 10:58 of the 1st period: Ryan Fitzgerald (Kevin Hayes, Isaac MacLeod)
BC 1, NU 1

There's a whole lot to like about this goal, and it started with Kevin Hayes. Technically speaking, this was an even strength goal, but with Mike Matheson coming out of the box well behind the play, it was essentially a shorthanded tally.

Hayes did a great job waiting until the absolute last second to move this puck over to Fitzgerald. The only way he's able to make this play is by pulling the puck in close to his body as he threw it across -- just in front of the defender's stick and tape-to-tape for the layup.

I also enjoyed seeing Witt get bowled into by his own defender after the play. Lulz.

Goal #2 -- 7:50 of the 3rd period: Patrick Brown (Michael Matheson, Quinn Smith)
NU 3, BC 2

Hoooooooo boy, was this a pretty goal.

This one was actually shorthanded, and it was one of the nicest goals of the season.

Quinn Smith's drop pass was awesome. With no one coming to challenge Matheson behind the play, Smith is able to throw it almost halfway across the ice at slo-mo speed where Matheson picks it up.

At this point, because the initial pass was so slow, Smith is able to curl in all the way onto Witt's front porch, which gives Matheson a second option. Matheson gives the slightest of moves to his left which gets the defender to break, before he gets a really nice feed over to Brown, who, after an initial juggle, is able to finish it off.

Really slick hockey play.

Goal #3 -- 12:51 of the 3rd period: Johnny Gaudreau (Teddy Doherty, Bill Arnold)
BC 3, NU 3

This was such a Northeastern thing to happen.

And a smart play by Gaudreau. What he'll usually do on this type of play is skate all the way behind the net into the opposite corner and drop the pass off to someone open either at the point or elsewhere. Instead, Johnny changed it up a bit and surprised everyone by throwing it at the skate of Witt, who feels all of the shame after realizing the puck is behind him in the net.

Goal #4 (OT GWG) -- 1:36 of Overtime: Adam Gilmour (Patrick Brown, Quinn Smith)
BC 4, NU 3 (OT) Final

What a time for your first collegiate goal!

There were a couple big pieces to this goal.

First, in overtime you're taught to get the puck to the net, and that's just what Patrick Brown did. After gathering the puck at the faceoff dot, he just spins and puts a shot on net -- a pretty good shot considering he got the puck while facing the opposite direction.

Second, Northeastern just completely ignores Adam Gilmour who sneaks in behind the defense and gets into a really good position to the right of Witt. He's allowed to just kind of hang out there for what was really quite a while, and was perfectly positioned to throw home the gamewinner.

That was that. Big win in a very hostile environment against a team that is feeling a lot of confidence (and, legit or not, ranked). With the win in game one, that's a pretty solid sweep.