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#7 Boston College Hockey Gets Rolled By Maine, 5-1

Well, I mean... oops.

Ryan Scott

So apparently the hockey team was too pumped about the football game to play hockey, or something. Maine went out and slugged BC right in the gut to earn an impressive 5-1 victory up at Alfond Arena.

This is one of those times where you just need to tip your cap to the opponent and acknowledge that you just got beat. First year Maine coach Red Gendron has made a pretty remarkable turnaround for the Black Bears in a short amount of time, and the results are starting to come for them.

This game was pretty much doomed right from the start as Devin Shore scored just 37 seconds into the game for Maine and Ben Hutton followed less than four minutes later to give the Black Bears a quick 2-0 lead.

It wasn't even that BC was playing particularly badly -- Maine was able to capitalize on a couple of well-earned opportunities and goaltender Martin Ouellette stopped any early ideas BC had of cutting into the lead.

Maine would go up 3-0 on a tally from Ryan Lomberg, and despite a Scott Savage goal late in the first to make it 3-1, the Eagles would never get any closer.

The Black Bears added one in the 2nd and one in the third period to make it a 5-1 final. BC didn't play particularly badly, and obviously not particularly well... just, again, one of those games where you got beat. I didn't see anything to be really concerned about.

Brian Billett, making another start while Thatcher Demko takes the time necessary to properly heal a lower body injury, was pulled after the second period in favor of Brad Barone who did reasonably well but didn't have all that much expected of him.

It's just one game, but tonight really makes you wonder whether or not it might soon be Demko Time, full time. Billett had put together a string of impressive starts, but his games have come against notably weaker competition than Demko's. I would imagine we aren't quite done with the rotation yet, but one more stinker like this and we may start to see heavier doses of the freshman.

BC now has the week to prepare for a one-off game Friday against Holy Cross ... wait, Holy Cross, really? [Checks] Yup, Holy Cross. Alright.

No other games next week, so the Eagles will be able to focus entirely on the Crusaders, who we will hopefully pound into apple sauce (a food item that Holy Cross, coincidentally, likes to eat morning, noon, and night, and even while fighting).

I anticipate that Mr. Jerry York will take the opportunity to make Holy Cross, on bended knee, kiss the ass of old BC. #YeOldeRivalry

And now I am going to make this post so much more enjoyable for everyone by just kind of leaving this here, just because, I mean why not, honestly.