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#7 Boston College Hockey Skates To 2-2 Draw With UMass

More controversy, you say?

via doughaslam

Well, UMass finally got that 2-2 tie they were complaining about for the last 24 hours. And it came with roughly as much controversy as Game 1.

Controversy came quickly. BC scored the first goal of the game early in this one that was reviewed (of course) and waved off (OF COURSE) for what was apparently goaltender interference, despite the fact that Bill Arnold had position in front of the net and wasn't in the crease. But the Hockey East refs, who saw BC get a UMass goal disallowed last night, felt it necessary to wipe BC's first of the night off the board.


So it was UMass who actually tallied the game's first 'official' goal 13:15 into the first period. It was short-lived, however, as Ryan Fitzgerald tied the game up less than 90 seconds later, and Cangelosi buried a Gaudreau feed after another 3 minutes.

It was a strong first period by BC, and the 2-1 lead into the locker room probably should have been an even bigger lead.

But BC would fade as the game went on. A scoreless second period had the Eagles with a slight shot advantage but nothing particularly threatening.

The third period got much, much worse. UMass outshot BC 12-3 in the third and BC seemed to forget that they actually had to finish the hockey game they started.

UMass seemed to be waiting for a catalyst, and they got one. With 2:34 left in regulation, and BC still ahead by 1, Steve Santini sent Steven Guzzo into next week with this sensational open-ice hit:

No launch. Nothing high. It was shoulder to shoulder and just... beautiful.

Guzzo stayed down on the ice long enough to earn Santini a 5 minute major and a game disqualification before skating off like nothing ever happened.

Clean hit. And Jerry York seemed to agree.


With his second game disqualification, Santini is facing a 2-game suspension. Hopefully Hockey East will review and overturn this.

Unfortunately, UMass didn't take long to cash in on the opportunity, tying the game a minute later. With the major penalty, they finished regulation and played half of overtime with the remainder of the power play. BC managed to kill off the rest, but a couple late bids by Johnny Gaudreau and Patrick Brown couldn't find the back of the net. 2-2 final.

Frustrating tie, but it really felt that BC played for 20 minutes and then forgot that there were two more periods to play. We'll take the point, but it could have been a much better weekend.

BC has a quick turnaround this week with a game at Harvard on Wednesday night. They'll need to play a more complete game if they want to start winning games more easily.