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#8 Boston College Hockey Tops Army 11-0


Amy Calhoun

After Friday's big win against BU, this afternoon's game against Army seemed like a mere afterthought to the fans.

Not so for the players. BC scored a barrage of goals by 10 different players on the way to an almost apologetic 11-0 victory over the Army Black Knights.

If you think you're going to get a Goal By Goal post for this game you must be up out yo goddamn mind. Ain't nobody got time for that.

You can summarize this entire game with a few quick points:

--Johnny Gaudreau undressed so many Army players in the first period that it's amazing this game wasn't given an "R" rating by the MPAA.

--Gaudreau and Arnold played roughly 30 combined seconds in the second half of the game

--Brad Barone played the third period

--Matt Gaudreau scored (this was awesome) to complete a Combined Gaudreau Hat Trick

What else is there to say about the game? BC played fine. The fourth liners played well enough to keep the shutout but Army had noticeably more possession later in the game with the top guys off the ice. Barone and Billett both played fine.

Gaudreau did manage to have a pretty big game to pad his Hobey stats, putting together a nice 2-2--4 line, and climbing to 2nd in the nation in points with 18 (one point back with one fewer game played) and all alone in 1st in PPG with an even 2.00. Somehow his gameplay has been even more unbelievable this year and I'm basically out of superlatives to describe the things he does.

That's... really about all I've got. We'll have a couple GIFs from this game later tonight mostly to show everyone how ridiculous Johnny Gaudreau continues to be.

If anyone else has anything to say about this one be my guest. Now we move on a home-and-home with UMass this Thursday and Friday night. Hopefully those games are about as competitive as tonight's was.