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BC Hockey's Kevin Hayes Suspended Indefinitely

The junior forward was suspended for a violation of team rules.

via Graham Beck, BC Heights Sports

BC forward Kevin Hayes was suspended indefinitely yesterday for a violation of team rules.

Not too many details have come out regarding what that violation was, but Coach York is known to have a short leash on these players so hopefully it wasn't something too serious.

Based on comments from Jerry York and tweets from The Kid on twitter, it sounds like Kevin does have a chance to return this season. After last night's disaster against Merrimack, York addressed the situation by saying that he would watch how Hayes responds and determine when he will return as time goes on.

That, by the way, is the best possible statement York could have made to the media.

Coach did anything but throw his player under the bus, which seems to be a theme down the street lately. His comments about "seeing how Hayes responds" to the punishment is exactly what I hoped he would say.

Hayes has an opportunity to come out of this looking very, very good. If he mans up, humbles himself, and sticks it out while still busting his ass as hard as he can at practice, it will show a level of maturity BC fans would really be proud of.

If Hayes takes the punishment badly, and, say, bolts to Chicago Blackhawks (or as would probably be the case for now, the Rockford Ice Hogs of the AHL), there would be a level of disappointment among the fanbase (and probably the coaching staff) which would have nothing to do with losing one of our top 5 forwards.

This isn't exactly an epidemic up at the Heights. It's been quite a while since a player was suspended. Hopefully Hayes responds well to it.