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Boston College Hockey: BC Interruption Mailbag Submissions Request

Fire away!

via Heights Sports Photo Editors Alex Gaynor and Graham Beck

Grant and Joe are starting a weekly Boston College hockey mailbag where your favorite banter-ers field your questions on Eagles hockey, Hockey East and the NCAAs. Submit your questions in the comments section below, or by Tweeting @joegrav, @Salzano14 or @bcinterruption.

This would be a good time to remind you to follow @bcinterruption on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Here are some of my questions, you know, to get the conversation going:

-- @joegrav @salzano14 taking nothing away from #1 QU, but would you like to see changes to PWR and TUC? Weighted TUC, perhaps?
-- @joegrav @salzano14 what's the worst college hockey arena you guys have personally attended? If it's not Lawler or Frietas, which is it?
-- @joegrav @salzano14 much like the Big Ten, if you could take one D-IA athletics conf. and turn it into a hockey league, which would it be?
-- @joegrav @salzano14 is it true that girls that wear a #JohnnyHockey or #GaudreaubeyBaker t-shirt instantly go from being a 7 to a 9?
-- @joegrav @salzano14 will #JohnnyHockey win this year's Hobey Baker Award? If so, could he repeat?
-- @joegrav @salzano14 who is the next #JohnnyHockey for the Americans at next year's World Juniors in Malmo?
-- @joegrav @salzano14 who is the next Hockey East coach not named Tim Whitehead to be fired?
-- @joegrav @salzano14 toss up -- more BU embellishment penalties or goals scored by BC's fourth line rest of the season?
-- @joegrav @salzano14 toss up -- more Dive Master Goumas dives or Northeastern goals scored in the Beanpot?
-- @joegrav @salzano14 #BCHockey will remain unbeaten and untied forever in the alt gold sweaters. Not a question. Just a statement.
-- @joegrav @salzano14 which non-Big 4 program will be the next to win the Hockey East tournament? (Please say UConn).
-- @joegrav @salzano14 would having a fake girlfriend improve #JohnnyHockey's chances at winning this year's Hobey Baker Award?

Deadline for submissions is 8 PM tonight.

Also, be sure to check out our #JohnnyHockey hub for news and notes about Johnny Gaudreau's Hobey Baker campaign. Vote for Gaudreau daily and purchase Johnny Hockey and Gaudreaubey Baker shirts. All proceeds from the sale benefit the Boston College Campus School.

Go Eagles!