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Boston College Hockey Throttles Northeastern, 9-3

A wild first period gave way to shutdown hockey as the Eagles put a hurtin' on the Huskies.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

Oh, slump hockey. What a strange mistress you are.

After a horrific effort against UMass on Friday night, the Eagles got the lead out and toyed with the Huskies Saturday en route to a 9-3 win.

Such a bizarre game. The Eagles jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead in the first period, and everyone was feeling pretty fine. Then Northeastern scored two quick ones of its own, then BC, then Northeastern again... whoa. Suddenly it's 3-3 and we're barely 10 minutes into the game.

So while everyone was settling in for what was on pace to be a 18-18 (OT) final, NU and BC both suddenly decided to shut down the scoring. Huh?

Part of the reason the end of the first calmed down was the goaltending. Parker Milner pulled out his best "I'm Not John Muse" impression by gloving down some brilliant high glove saves.

Then the second period started and things started to get all shootyhoopy up in here.

Steve Whitney scored early in the 2nd, followed by Isaac MacLeod and Pat Mullane in the 2nd period, then Steve Whitney again, Quinn Smith, and Steve Whitney AGAIN followed up in the third just to rub that little extra bit of salt in the wound.

Steve Whit's hat trick goal in particular was a thing of beauty:

Of course he was set up by Mr. Johnny Hockey himself, John Gaudreau, who helped himself to FOUR ASSISTS on the night. WHAT?! Gaudreaubey Baker vaulted up to 5th in the national scoring rankings -- and all 4 of the players above him have played MANY more games (at least five, and as many as seven). Gaudreau is far and away the leading scorer in the nation on a points per game basis.

The concern of the night was losing Mike Matheson to the dreaded unspecified upper body injury. More on this later in the week when more information is released. Hopefully it's not too serious.

BC takes on Maine in a two game home set at Conte next week. Just what the doctor ordered to start a winning streak and hopefully break out of The Slump for good.