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Jerry York Becomes College Hockey's Winningest Coach

After a 5-2 thrashing of Alabama-Huntsville, BC's Jerry York '67 became the winningest coach in the history of college hockey.

via @BCHockeyNews

Much like the seeming inevitability of #York925, this game was never in doubt. The Eagles scored three minutes into the game and never looked back, putting the game out of reach with three goals before the teams even hit the locker rooms. The Eagles took down the Chargers in convincing fashion, 5-2.

But this game wasn't about beating Alabama-Huntsville. It wasn't about the Mariucci Classic. It was about Coach Jerry York, and his incredible run to having more wins in collegiate hockey than any other coach in history.

Since coming to BC, he has accumulated:

-- 13 NCAA Tournament Appearances
-- 10 Frozen Four Appearances
-- 9 Conference Championships
-- 4 National Championships

I copy/pasted that from our article on his 900th win... being careful to notch an extra one in each category for 2012, of course. This is all in addition his national championship with Bowling Green in 1984.

What more is there to say? He is college hockey's greatest ambassador. He is absolutely everything we strive to be at BC -- simultaneously representing a seemingly unattainable level of excellence, integrity, class (we've all see him rock the sweater vest), and humility, leading collegiate hockey's greatest dynasty.

So what next? Well, a win against the Gophers tomorrow would be nice, for one. Hopefully a 6th national title, for another.

BC tried to recognize Coach York after the 2010 national championship by retiring his number but York refused. So, we may have to wait until that sad day in the (hopefully very distant) future when Coach York retires. But something will need to be done, for the man who is everything BC.

Flutie's got a statue outside alumni... maybe Coach York should have one in gold at main gate.

Congratulations to Coach York on becoming the winningest coach in the history of college hockey.